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This Friday, Jazzy Jeff busts a move at Zeal. On Saturday, get your perv on Japanese style at The Geisha. And, Booshka Baash, with a massive lineup including French Horn Rebellion, is just around the corner. Get a chance to win tickets at the Belloco event on Tuesday, Dec. 6...



DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mad Skillz @ Zeal

DMC champion, multi-platinum producer, 2 X Grammy winner, 3 X American Music Award winner, and easily a hero for every deejay in the world. Catch Jazzy Jeff & Mad Skillz at Zeal on Friday...More >>


Deck EFX @ Panic Room
DJ Roo (London) & DJ Resinate (Guest DJ) are going to be mixing up DnB with breaks. Come see two veteran DJs fire up the turntable while you burn up the dance floor. More >>


CC Soundfactory @ Logo

Alternating between singer-producer-dj, CC has been described as a cross between experimental Icelandic singer Bjork and trendsetting electronica genius Moby. More >>


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Live Rock + DJs + MCs @ Logo

Three bands: Friend or Foe, Girls Like Mystery, Death To Giants + MC One Consciousness + Heatwolves on the decks. All for 30 RMB entry. More >>


Pervert Party @ The Geisha

It's the last Pervert Party of 2011, but do not expect Christmas gifts. Instead, prepare to be tortured by sexy, but not so gentle geishas. More >>


Winter Wonderland @ Zeal

Chill at Shanghai's monthly creative party with music by DJs: D.O.Q., Felly Soulfurious & SESCO. More >>



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Dec. 6: Art Attack @ Belloco

Internationally renowned progressive painter and sculptor, Zhao Shuo, will come to Belloco to discuss his work. Plus, get 100 RMB free flow mojitos and a chance to win tickets to the upcoming Booshka Baash music festival. More >>


Dec. 7-10 Booshka Baash Music Festival

American dance party brothers French Horn Rebellion bring synthpop energy and kick off the festival at the new MAO Livehouse. Opening bands Heatwolves and Rainbow Danger Club. Free Heineken with admission. Get the full lineup and ticket information at


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That's all. And have an awesome weekend, Shanghai!


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Comment by LoveBang on December 2, 2011 at 12:44am

big up for the mention! heard Jazzy Jeff is still killin it too. would go if i wasn't DJing somewhere else. 

really good music on Sunday evening at Dada too by my friend Santo Chino. 

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