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Well thanksgiving came and went and I have curry chicken for dinner! Not exactly turkey but whatever...Now I have started a new project at work - I am working on a customers 350z and we just changed the clutch and transmission! What a project - the transmission is one of the more heavy units I have had to install and it took 3 people to get it in and took about 2 hours. Crazy. I am still waiting for my turbo to arrive so I can get my drift car back up and running. I blew up the turbo doing demos for Cooper Tires. Now they want me to do some more demos in December. It should be pretty fun ( when is drifting not fun?). I think it will be at the science and technology museum parking lot in pudong. I believe the date is december 16th if anybody wants to come have a look!
The day after I'll be heading up to Beijing to bring back my road car and my cat. My cat has been liviing with a friend of mine for the last 4 months since I moved to Shanghai and I will be happy to have her back at home with me. She is a little siamese kitten and her name is Mao RB. Hope she enjoys the drive back down to Shanghai.

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Comment by Lillian on December 1, 2008 at 5:07pm
Good to hear that ur cat will be back with u....hehe, I have 2 cats and 1 dog with me, I love them very much and they are my families also.... :-))
Comment by Channi on November 28, 2008 at 6:02pm
i luv kitten so bad!! u know what, it was quite crazy yesterday,actually i didn't eat turkey anyway just chicken wings,cuz we hold a party at night n i was the organizer,so i didn't even have a sec to enjoy the meal.but whatever ...,everyone enjoyed the party,that was the point!

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