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The Mind Needn't Be a Gun

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Samuel L. Jackson

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Let me tell you who to blame. Blame the boy lying at your feet,
His body oozing life, through the hole in his stomach,

Where the bullet tore him apart.

Blame him for challenging you,
For not looking away, and for not backing away when you pulled out the gun.

Blame your mother for bringing you into this world,
When she was but a kid herself.
And for dragging you up, not bringing you up.

Blame society for not giving you hope.
Blame your father for not being there.
The man who looked after himself, instead of looking after you.

Blame the gun in your hand for making you a target;

For making you more likely to be picked on.
Blame the dead boy.

Blame your mother!

Blame society!

Blame your father!

Blame the gun!

Blame anyone BUT yourself!

For not being strong enough,

To put down the gun!

To break the cycle.

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Special Thanks To: Mytings

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Comment by THiNKTaNK on March 27, 2012 at 2:56pm


Some mother's child.

But thanks for your support, and have a lovely day.

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