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The Psychology of Women (Episode 1, Act 1) - Overture

A hard man is good to find. A good man is hard to find

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"Nothing more surely cultivates and embellishes a man than association with refined and virtuous women."

Living in China sometimes, I begin to wonder: which gender invented the booty call? I've been cleaning

my apartment for hours. An SMS comes in from a girl who embodies the word afterthought. Like most

others, she contacts and appears to remember me after or when she's not working (i.e., chasing

money), after dinner, or very late in the evening. When she does contact me in the morning,it

doesn't take her long to demand, "I WANT TO GO TO YOUR HOME". Her phone's Caps

Lock is always on, but I've learned to ignore it. Last night, I finally found the perfect

answer for her, at least I hope so. But she had it coming. "FINISHED?" was

all I saw after two hours of cleaning and hearing an incoming text. "Learn

to help a good man first before trying to find a hard man." I don't

need a woman who considers her body an empty hole to

be filled to the brim to bring her body to my house.

I am not a telephone number, an option among

other options, nor am I an afterthought (再

思, 事后才有的想法, 追悔). Whether a

woman is looking for a hard man,

good man, big man, or a

shrink-wrap to go with

the above, I am

not a thing.

Enjoy the comedy below

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The Psychology of Men/Women

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