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Translation is a choice, and your passion will dictate your performance.

Always remember: It's not about you. Practice understanding. Never assume.

Translation is a problem-solving, (client) service-oriented business. Even when performed for free.

A Strong Inclination towards Honesty is paramount. (Don't add, subtract, multiply or divide).

A Strong Inclination to Consistency is paramount.

A Strong Inclination towards Accuracy, Integrity, Maturity and the development of great personality is paramount.

Translation is NOT for overly emotional, unstable, erratic or highly irritable people.

The pressures & rigors of thinking in two or more languages simultaneously require a calm but confident personality.

Translation is not for quitters. 'Staying power' and 'relationship management' will be your reputation barometer.

Translation, like Banking and Investing is a trust-based business. Be professional at all times.

Confidentiality is key. Gossipers or vindictive personality types make bad translators.

Development of an empathic but impartial spirit is paramount. Do not play the role of "cultural advisor" unless it is expressly required of you.

Adaptiveness will teach you how to adjust to different personality types and their requirements.

Great translators are culturally & intellectually curious, initiative-seizing; out-of-box thinkers who are also meticulous. Remember: they don't just 'know'. They get things done.

Great translators appreciate that their rewards even in dollars and career sense naturally follow the foregoing.

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