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Quest for Ultimate Meaning in Life (102, SP 1)

Be an Answerable Entity. Connect the Dots.

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The ultimate meaning of life as I discovered long before I was a teenager: is to be an answerable entity fully cognizant of the fact that in every moment that I breathe, something sacred is at stake and hence instead of behaving like a bum, a terrorist, a Nazi, a gold digger, my purpose in life is to never cease to ask the question: How? And how again, now that I know, can I best contribute (to) something better to the human experience?

That, is what I mean when I say putting practical ideas to life.

"Who would you rather be?", I recently asked a self-confessed Chinese 'playboy' on a bus. Handsome kid too. Tall, easy smile with a great flair. "Apart from that which ego, narcissism, and living flirtatiously year round promises in this short life on or offline, who and what really would you rather be before you die?"

Ever heard Steve Jobs' humbling story? It's just a click away. Mind the links.

"What about you?" he responded, fumbling for something meaningful to say at first.

My answers, some already published comprised:

Everybody is responsible for their own choices, excuses, self-scrutiny and vision, —or lack thereof. But "a tree is best measured when it is down". And in that sense, my purpose in life is to make it easier for those publicly assessing my legacy, lifetime achievements, failures and flaws after I'm dead and gone, such that they don't have to resort to lies and euphemisms in painting a picture of the man.

Doing the littlest I can while ignorantly ridiculing the labor, vision, or positive efforts of others with impudence; scamming people and such, does nothing to enrich the world. Doing the best I can, does. And in 2011, as in preceding years, I promise(d) on my honor to continually indict myself and gravitate farther from the trivial and towards that which is not only fun and life-inspiring, but substantive and positively tangible. Solving humanity's puzzles, in other words. That, by God is what drives me.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes said with regard to determination and life's work, "a man [or woman] may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer and attempting a task he cannot achieve".

So, I asked a final time: What about you?

For what and whom do you live? What're you trying to achieve? To be the next famous pole dancer maybe? Coco? She was after all happily married the last the time I checked. Or, the ultimate temptress/seductress/professional wife? A great cheerleader, —of anything, or legendary hater?

A legendary comic is good. Or, as below: the dude, perhaps?

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