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my prof visited china last week, i was so happy, 5 days before his arriving, he was this time, he with his wife not his gf, who he has been lived for more than 4 years.
i was very fatigue that week, working as the guide,the translator, the assistent, from Shanghai to Beijing.From one hospital to another, from one conference to another.but i was so happy, cause, when i left French that year, i promised him, if i worked well in Shanghai, i would invited he and his Wf(i wish she could marry him at that time) to visit China.Now i don't eat my words, i done it.

my prof was very happy, the chinese travalling gave them a very good impression.the big change of our country, the friendly chinese ppl.the beautiful sightseeings,the delicious chinese cuisines...... he wish he will be invited again next year.

i was so glad that i had chance to work with him again like before and done something useful, both for my Prof and my chinese workmates.

Before their leaving, my Prof asked me, when you would come to French again and see all your friends,who miss you like you do? my answer is :if i keep working well, next year, maybe, i will there as one of the chinese experts.this is my new dream,so work harder,prepare better, smile in the near future.

one of my good friends open a new club in SH, Bobolia,a huge club. i was there yesterday, no drinking, cause i was driving, but i still felt high, in my hometown, with my friends, i will do my best.

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Comment by Annie Yao on May 30, 2009 at 11:28pm
what a rush week... but sounds wonderful!

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