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Feb. 21st 2012

I am sitting in the Wagas, warm, with good coffee smelling, dinner time. My neighbour girl is Chinese, wearing red top and black skirt with very high heel boots. She is on the phone and checking laptop, she speaks very quick and eager, and loud enough to atrract me to listen, you know wagas seats quite close. For almost two minutes she didn't make any stop more than 3 seconds, make me wondering who is on the other side, and i bet that person is really a good listener. She seems taking about big things like 3G time is over, and 4G time is coming, seems she and the company she reps are creating the 4G times. All the companies name she mentioned are big stock companies, but in her mouths, she is very familar with those heads of big companies, and she is very happy to tell her friend the internet time is also game over. I have to study her age, wow, similar with me, maybe younger, late 20? I feel shamed with myself. I havn't started to use 3G now, and i just changed my job to online shopping. According to her judgement, my caree will be game over! 

She continued her 2nd, 3rd phoning, they all seem big Mr. Boss, cuz they are all in busy dinner meeting, they all showing unpatience and not that friendly, i am creating the talks between them:

Mr. boss: Hello, who's that?

Red girl: it's Red girl, sorry, are you in dinner meeting?

MB: YES, what's up?

RG: nothing really important, you know we are quite famous of holding that event, we would like to invite you have speach on the event...

MB:OK, shall i prepare anything?

RG:Of course no, we already arranged somebody to write for you, you just need to mentioned a lot of "...", cuz that will help us.

MB: OK, anything else?

RG: you saw the news today, we already in very good situation, we will ... sorry, are you busy? sorry to interrupt you.


RG:ok, sorry to call you in the dinner time, 88.

MB: 88


Seems it's the last call, she is happy, she is a brave big event holder or successful PR, she quickly weared her black coat and laptop, stand up, finally catch a glimpse of me, find nothing special or important character (no LV or prada bags, no buberry coat), she quickly left, i noticed she has a big naked mole on her right cheek that make her not that pretty, that's why her call not that welcomed by Mr. Big boss.

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