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Last Friday I went to the metro station to add some funds into my transportation card.

In front of me is a woman who bought 3 plastic covers(1 RMB/piece) for her transportation cards. She gave 100RMB to the ticket seller and then she walked into the gate to the metro without getting back the change. The ticket seller shouted and called her to get back her change. However, the woman didn't notice at I walked fast to the gate and told her about that. She finally got my point.

When I came back to the counter to add funds, there are some people already waiting in a queue! I had to wait again...

The uncle (“Da Shu”/大叔) who helped to add funds or sell transportation cards seemed to have been disturbed by that woman. He gave a wrong card to a guy and gave the wrong amount of the change to another guy...

When it was my turn, I gave the uncle 100 RMB to add funds for my card. He mistakenly put the money on the add-fund machine instead of putting my card on the machine and we didn't see any change on my card balance...Finally he noticed that and couldn't help laughing for his mistake...I tried very hard to control myself not to laugh and being nice to least not laugh at that moment, or I surely could not stop my laughing in the

Now every time I passed by that add-fund counter, I will remember that interesting moments...hehe

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Comment by foolish or not. on July 28, 2009 at 3:38am
interesting story.
simple and funny. :)

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