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What a hypocrite

Putin is always scolding the U.S.A. about imperialist pursuits.  Now he is going to war with the Ukraine because the Ukrainian people don't want to align with his government. 

Ukraine mobilises after Putin's 'declaration of war'

(Reuters) - Ukraine mobilised for war on Sunday…


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talking dogs? this would be amazing

What if your dog could greet you with more than a growl, or announce the reason he's scratching at the door?

It sounds absurd and much like the storyline from the Pixar film, “Up,” but Scandinavian scientists are working…


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Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: the n. korean gov is so evil it's commical

Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs: report

Rodong Sinmun / Yonhap via Reuters, file

Kim Jone Un's uncle Jang Song Thaek is dragged into court by uniformed personnel prior to last month's execution.


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terrible, this should never happen. so unreasonable

Songjiang District People's Court has ordered two women to each pay 154,025 yuan ($25,286) yuan to the family of a friend who fell out of a window and died after a drunken night out together, local media reported Wednesday.

The court ruled that the two defendants were negligent for leaving their intoxicated friend alone after they returned from a night out on April 16, according to a press release from Songjiang District People's Court. The court did not identify…


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suggestion for freelancer profiles

I've noticed that there are a lot of english speaking chinese on this website who are looking for networking and business partners who post the job description - "freelancer" or "freelance."  There are many kinds of freelance jobs so if you want to attract the appropriate network, I suggest you be more specific.  Although pretty much anyone who works independently can call themselves a freelancer regardless of their field, I would say the most common professions that use the freelance term…


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tired of these phrases

these words used by white preppy hollywood kids in platnum chains and tall sideways starter caps sitting high on the tops of their heads turned sideways... preppy irritating hollywood kids... and people who sing in pop songs make me want to throw up all over the place. 

1. swag

2. haters

3. that's hot

4. bling

5. gettin' my (insert) on

6. literally

7. seriously

9. one (cool when method man said it. not for preppy white "thug"…


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25 most american foods

When it comes to cuisine, America lives up to the adage "bigger is better."

In honor of July 4, we chose the 25 most American foods. 

Some are fast food concoctions that combine a variety of USA favorites, while others are variations on ethnic dishes that Americans have made their own. 

Chances are, you love one of these delicious treats. 

Wendy's Baconator…


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five year visas on the way

Draft rule aims to attract talented professionals China urgently needs

Foreign talent will soon be eligible for China visas valid for up to five years, under a draft regulation.

The draft was released by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council on Friday, and public opinion is being sought for a month. It states that China will grant two new types of visa, R1 and R2, for foreign professionals.…


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new law addressing foreign residents in china

BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) -- China's top legislature on Saturday passed a new exit and entry law that stipulates harsher punishments for foreigners who illegally enter, live or work in the country.

After three readings since December last year, the draft law was adopted at the five-day bimonthly session of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee that…


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Jail Bait Girl Auctions Off Breasts for Link Bait

Jail Bait Girl Auctions Off Breasts for Link Bait

A 16 year-old girl in China wants to auction her breasts to raise money for needy people.

The girl, Xu Haojia, who lives in Qingdao, claimed that she has the biggest breasts in China and said in her blog that she hoped five Chinese celebrities, all male, can bid for her breasts because “they may need the fat to change to be females in the future,”…


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top 10 reasons men resent their wives

1. Not fighting fair.

Happy couples don't necessarily fight less, Dr. Navarra says; they just fight better, by "describing their own feelings and needs rather than labeling their partner as faulty." And the ball is probably in your court for that. Research shows…


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narita airport is the worst

I've been through narita airport many times.  in the past I've been blinded by how much I like tokyo and how polite the people are in the airport, so I've never noticed how terrible the airport functions until now.

I don't understand why they would require a security check on a layover.  It should be a secure area where all passengers have already been checked and cleared.

on top of that, the security checks they do are the most inefficient of any airport i've been to.  they…


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China's metrosexual men revive luxury shopping

HONG KONG/MACAU (Reuters) - Let's hear it for the boys. China's fashion-forward men are snapping up Gucci and Burberry bags, driving a rebound in the luxury market months after a slow down…


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China law says family should visit elderly relatives

China law says family should visit elderly relatives

China has passed a new law stipulating that family members should pay regular visits to their elderly…


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Zeal Miss China 2012 Fashion Show

Thank you Zeal for a beautiful night of champagne wishes and caviar dreams!


zeal-201 zeal-224 zeal-223 zeal-261 zeal-255 zeal-166 zeal-181 zeal-141


zeal-238 zeal-235 zeal-273 zeal-48 zeal-42 zeal-50 zeal-70 zeal-53

for more pics, check…


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Humpty Dumpty sat on ledge, gazing out over the wall...

Humpty Dumpty sat on ledge, gazing out over the wall

He’s fallen before, yes he’s met with the floor more times than his shell can recall

But when broken the neighbors become his re-creators, back to his view they U-Haul

Now his shell has adapted, Bondo to bounce back with, he rebounds back up like a ball.



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Reality of courtship (meant to post this under jay's discussion but was too long)

What jay has done here is expose the facts as a means to help others see reality the way it is.  It isn't about changing who you are to fit what you think another person wants.  It is about examining yourself and paying attentions to ways you can improve yourself (the you who you want to be not what you think others want). 


What is important?


Looks are important for sure.  To say they aren’t is to be unreasonable, especially when two people first meet.  Maybe…


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China surpasses the world in yet another category: Quality husbands Shanghainese husbands are renowned as the best in China, and maybe the world. Here are five reasons why (the Shanghaiist)

Lung Ying-tai once published an essay called, “Oh, Shanghainese men.” The Taiwanese writer, who claimed to have seen it all, praised the Shanghainese husband as “a rare species in this world” and “the most valuable type of man.” What on earth do these relatively…


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Booty, breasts or back

If her back was forbidden

The part that is hidden

Would we covet her breasts so much?


Her neck is the curve

That rolls off her words

And her hourglass rests in our clutch


If the dame wore a cape

To cover her shape

She lets  boobies escape, double dutch


But, we want what we lack

Why is it not her back?

It highlights her booty and bust


Much of beauty is mystery



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General Discussions, Blogs, Groups and Classifieds

Recently their has been a lot of confusion about where certain posts should go.  There have been many recent discussions that should be blogs and blogs that should be classifieds. Before you post any of these, please think of the following points so that the website remains interesting for the general community.

Discussions should:

  1. Incite a discussion.  If the discussion just expresses what is on…


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