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Bra Renovation: Horny bra boosts busts

An interesting bra renovation~~~~~~`

A MIRACLE new smart-bra that BOOSTS a woman's cleavage when she feels sexy is being tested by lingerie designers.

The magic bra detects changes in body temperature brought on by sexual arousement and squeezes boobs together to create a bigger cleavage.

Then when things cool off again the bra's built-in memory relaxes the fabric and the wearer's bust returns to normal, say its Slovenian inventors.

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Once in a while, I suffer from insomnia. Recently, it happened again. Woke up at 6am on last Sat (went to bed @ 2:30am). What was even worse is that I woke up at 5am this morning!!! It seems that I have to keep awake and sober with the help of Expresso.....


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Dorothy is exhausted

I am just tired, did alot exercises-1.5 hour swimming on Sat, 2 hour tennis on Sunday and 2 hours badminton tonight; Am i doing all this on purpose just let myself run out and have no energy to think about other things?? I doubted...

Added by Dorothy Tang on May 18, 2009 at 11:11pm — 2 Comments

Form of Independent Personality

Form of Independent Personality

An artist who devotedly imitates others original works is more lamentable because he is aware of his imitation while he is doing it.

Painters want to sell paintings nowadays but don't know what kind of painting will be accepted by buyers. So, they ask around and once they get some information they try to imitate. It actually is very simply, he lacks the process of awareness. After you finish reading all or a part of a great master's… Continue

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我爱你时你才那么闪耀 我不爱你你什么都不是


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Watch People, Watch Art

Watch People, Watch Art

There is a kind of person whose attraction will never disappear in others' eyes. There are few people like that -- fewer than one in a hundred thousand. A person like that knows life and death. Others who don't know life and death can never know his secret.

If you are lucky enough to know that secret, you will at first be in doubt about your life. As you know more about that secret, your life will change… Continue

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If beer bottles can talk

* Get me out of da freezer!! The pork chop is lookin’ at me weird!

* Drink me all U want, but U still can’t dance, white boy!

* Don’t get her one; she is playin’ U! U ain’t gettin’ laid tonite, dude!

* Hey! U won 0.30 cents! We’re rich, biatch!

* Shit, U better drink another 2 before U go home with that “but’er” face! Hummm….. make that 3.

* U gonna let him talk to U like that! Don’t be a punk! I can do some damages!

* NO! I don’t go there! !!! I am gonna… Continue

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Serendipity - if we're meant to meet again

It’s 3 a.m. now and I couldn’t sleep…

It’s been a long time. Don’t you miss me at all? I just want every thought and memory out of my head ! I want peace for once. It’s about time I closed the computer and spent more of my time outside like I really want to. I’ve lost my cell phone since I came back from Japan. Well, even better…I am also done being connected like this way…I mean, uh, I really need rest and disappear for some time. I sorta finally got that.

I don’t normally… Continue

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no tittle

i am a stranger here in sh.....

i don't belong to here.....before,now, and in the future.....

sometimes i think life should be colorful,but

i am still here waiting,alone,despairingly...

who is the one for me?

where is the right place to stay?

what is the right thing i have to do?

when is the right time to change myself?

how can i live in a better life?

so many questions,many doubts,

but here i am,trying hard to figure it…

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Being kicked or touched so many times during swimming today, moreover, it's not so crowded today. DAMNED....

Added by Dorothy Tang on May 16, 2009 at 6:57pm — 2 Comments

The Pattern (得天独后的艺术)

Earth, 土,

Fire, 火,

Water, 水,

A dream shapped by hands and 用双手铸造,

seen and felt with the heart. 用心灵体会梦想。

A single line drawn delicately 时间,像一条线,

divides spaces, time. 巧妙地分割了空间。

The strong hand renders 强有力的手,

a sensitive pattern 将光明与黑暗

of dark and light, 这永远的旋律,

the eternal dance, 用一切细腻的方式,

on the olla's surface 印在了陶器的表面------

that is the world. 这就是我们的世界。

The contour becomes 图案也许是

a fish. 一条鱼,

a bird,… Continue

Added by Leona on May 16, 2009 at 12:05pm — 1 Comment

Quote III

“The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to
think than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as
to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory
with thoughts of other men.”

- James Beattie (1735-1803)

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Going to Wenchuan

One year on, Wenchuan is recovering. It's been a year since the Wenchuan earthquake, as the quake areas are now being rebuilt, do the people feel better? I want to do something for them. Crying for them or donating money, What else I can do?

I am planning to go to Wenchuan in August, I want to see it with my own eyes, help them with my own hands. I am an English teacher. I can give some children free English lessons. I am going to stay there for a week or two. It won’t be an easy, relaxing… Continue

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My Weixin is on my page
Antidote Music Festival 电子音乐节将于2009年 5月23日下午1点


Saturday, May 23, 2009

星期六, 2009年 5月23日



The Antidote Festival of Electronic Music @ ZhuJiaJiao (near Shanghai) 上海

--> 7 Live acts, 7 DJs <--

"A day-time outdoor festival of live electronic music."

Shanghai's longest-running music party crew The Antidote crawls out of… Continue

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What I would do with a PEniS

Had a thought…. What if I can be a boy for a day; and for the first time, know what it felt like to have a penis. I wonder what I will do with it. . . Humm…

- First thing first! Pee standin’ up! No longer need to find a bathroom or ask the next stall to spare some tissue paper; just whip it out and find a tree! (or not even a tree…)

- Masterin’ the art of writing my name in the sand (snow, or what every the surface I so happen to find)

- MASTURBATE!!!! And try to shoot it as far… Continue

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该转帖仅你自己可见… Continue

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Unconditional positive regard


汪冰的一篇 《如果.爱》,关于一种无私而淡定的爱,喜欢那种感觉,却觉得那只能成就一段浪漫而短暂的爱情,要让这样一种无条件的积极关注进入生活,需要对的两个人,同步而和谐的执着努力。

人本主义心理学家卡尔•罗杰斯对接纳即无条件的积极关注(unconditional positive regard)的阐述:“这是一种仁爱的态度,一种即使知道我们的不足但仍然珍爱我们的态度;这是一种当我们卸下伪装,真实表露出内心最糟糕的感受后,发现我们已然被接纳的释然和宽慰。”罗杰斯进一步说,“我们希望在美满幸福的婚姻中、和睦的家庭生活中以及亲密的友情中都能体会到这种令人满意的感觉而无需任何解释。在这样的关系中,我们自由自主,不用担心我们会失去他人对我们的尊重。”

爱尔兰诗人罗伊.克里夫特一段描述爱的诗句,“I love you,Not only for what you are,But for what I am,When I am with… Continue

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Magazine designer wanted

I've been hitting Command-; in InDesign and looking at gross eyeball pics nearly everyday for the past seven weeks. If that sounds like your idea of fun and you can read Chinese, we're hiring. E-mail me samples of your work:… Continue

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可能我们的祖先已想好了这个事情,把云雨这两字变成两个人类之间最深奥的关系的称呼,确实中国古代把… Continue

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