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too early, too late

Calm down, breathing... The wind, leaf, sky, the air, vehicles, everything is an answer.

5 years, I came here to find  what I want. 

Now I had…


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西西法国艺术家绘画展“Foliage” Cécile Girard


上海普陀区莫干山路50号 - M50 - 4号楼103室


电话: +86 189 1357 0858…


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Rewrite a story from the middle - day 5

The desert of colors

His wish to be strong had come true.  His memory of his weakness and clumsiness had been blotted out.--- how I wish that my wishes would come true.  That's everyone's wish, to be strong, to be tough, not to be weak and clumsy.  What a blessing it is if one's wish can become true.  And what is needed for such accomplishment ?  A strong will, a working hand, and a willing heart ?  Tell me.

His will had become as hard as steel, neither fatigue…


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Rewrite a story from the middle - day 4

The flight to Ivory Tower ; The Child Like Empress

There is really not much to say about this two smooth flowng chapters.  Only one or two expressions and some truth about life.

An outside will far stronger than his own had taken possession of his body and was guiding it.  That will came from AURYN, the amulet -- It's a mysterious Gem, belonged to princess.  It has its own will and knows its direction, and it can give its carrier protection and guidance.  Almost…


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Rewrite a story from the middle - day 3

The spook city

This is an very interesting chapter, and tells about a lot of truth.

So firstly and briefly, nice expression like - time immemorial, much more elegant than expressions like 'time eternal', 'time ever lasting'.  A very good expression to be memorized.

Then an ever convincing truth - Being a luckdragon, he never doubted for a moment that everthing would come out all right in the end.- You are who you are.  It's like saying of me, being a hopeful person, I…


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Rewrite a story from the middle - day 2

The Wind Giant

There will not always so much to say about a new chapter of a children's book.  For this one, only that it is a very good translation and certain perfect expression.

The translation has the the sample of 'leaden gray', I have not been seeing such expression for a while, maybe because of my ignorance or being not so informative.  I was at once impressed. It is a very descriptive expression to say some color laddened  with weight.  Its heavy and…


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Rewrite a story from the middle - day 1

The sound of Uyulala

The Atre was chasing after, but firstly looking for Uyulala.  She is the existent only remedy for saving Princess.  Atre passed thr the gate of sphinx by mystery.  There should be three gates.  Firstly the riddle, like everybody knows, you have to answer all the riddle raised to get through.  But the twin sphinx didn't give the challenge by no reason.  Atre passed thr the gate nosensely.  Like waking up from a dream, he was other side.  The story here…


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My Weixin is on my page
Good message from SID Ice Age :)

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HR Executive Search Internship in Shanghai: Great Learning Experience!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share this opportunity here in this blog, so maybe someone is interested in an internship at a Headhunter's firm...

Thanks ! 

HR Executive Search Internship in Shanghai: Great Learning Experience!



THE JACE-KELLY Leadership Acquisitions offers a one-of-a-kind strategic partnering service to the companies that seek for a greater…


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Lookinging for a room close to Zhongshan Park?

Hi, Not an agent, no agency fee!! This is Isabelle and I am looking for a replacement! available right now!

Location:No.299 Xuanhua Rd Fu Du Garden

Layout: 5br+1liv+2bath


Metro: Line 2&3&4 Zhongshan Park station and West Yanan Rd Station


Located in xuanhua rd, excellent for dining and leisure, neighboring the most westernized area of…


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My Weixin is on my page
Who are you with lately? LOL...

Added by 許竑惞 (HE88AT) on January 30, 2015 at 6:54am — No Comments

Looking for Shanghainese for Growing Up With Shanghai project

正在寻找有创意的上海人一起参与Growing Up With Shanghai.有兴趣的话请联系我们。谢谢!

We are currently looking for Shanghainese young adults preferably between the ages of 30-36 to share their memories about Shanghai when they were growing up. We currently have about 30 people and are looking to finish…


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This is me – a kind of plant born hard, grown up from somewhere out of your sight, wrapped up with wild spider webs, taken a shape like a heart dying, hung like a lung breathing, reflecting a unique life from nowhere. A complete being with a nude thinking.…


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i want to make friends here

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January at Zapata's


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My Weixin is on my page
La Bistronomie

La Bistronomie is where pleasant and friendly atmosphere meets fine dining dishes inspired by the French gastronomy. Savor an authentic French menu showcasing classicals such as “Camembert rôti”, “Coq au vin” and “Paris-Brest”, all paired with a glass of wine from France and…


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Looking for a book store in Shanghai


Does anyone know a good place I can go to in Shanghai the sells books in English?  I'm looking for books that would be useful for teaching English.

Thanks :)

Added by Amber on January 3, 2015 at 4:30pm — 3 Comments



福特公司由Henry Ford在1903年建立. 从1908年至1927年这个时间段, 他编织了他的梦想--为众生造车,而且恰到好处的,适时地推出了他那永恒T模型. 这20年里,有1千6百50万美国民众及他工厂的工人门以完全支付得起的价格购买和使用福特车.早期的福特的突出表现在于他的生产流水线. 首先使用成本效益之生产方式,他的此项创新为之后的生产流程提供了主要支柱.

福特扩展进入的豪华车市场是从购买林肯汽车公司开始,那是1925年,稍后的几年他就开始拓宽市场,开发出中等价位的产品—水星牌. 30年代末期,福特为时尚的林肯Zephyr揭幕,引进低价位的V8引擎,制造出超过2千5百万辆车.

1950年代,传说中的Thunderbird(雷鸟)出现在人们的视线. 有着流畅的线条,有力的视窗,调频收音机是和豪华的品质的完美结合,以此热卖.… Continue

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My Weixin is on my page
Yoga Room

Keep your body and mind fit with world's best yoga types. Yoga Kerry center offers…


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