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Several Very Useful Methods to Learn Mandarin


Learn spoken form separate from written form

Unlike Roman letters, Chinese characters cannot be read phonetically, but provide information on their meaning – ideograph. This could be become a problem for Mandarin learners trying to learn the spoken and written form at the same time. Therefore, I suggest the students to learn spoken form separately from written…


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New Happy Hour at Zapata's

This September sees some changes for Zapata's. Along with a new resident DJ, Management has adjusted the venue's prices for both the regular and Happy Hour menus. Zapata's happy hour now runs EVERYDAY from 5 - 9pm. All drink prices on the regular menu have been reduced, offering better value all round. …


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Message from Facebook...:p

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House 4 Sale!!! by owner :p

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You can look at the menu, but not to order it.. :P

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GRRRRRRRRRRRR.... girl upset?

Added by 许竑惞 (boyzepter) on August 18, 2014 at 9:16am — No Comments

Second draft of my story... If you have the time to have a look at it, plz leave a message telling me how u think I can improve. Thx a lot!


It was August 23, 2013. I was in Shanghai taking TOEFL class, living in a hotel with Grace. Not until an English friend on Wechat invited me to meet up did I realize that here I was, in Shanghai, without parents, no curfew, so perfectly.

       After the initial excitement, I began to feel slightly concerned, what if…? I hesitated. Should I meet him? I don’t know him. We just chatted online and I was in a strange city. I looked again at the pics he sent me. Such perfect teeth…


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Ed Barly

Ed Barly 外籍音乐家
在法国、突尼斯、意大利和西班牙等各个国家的国际大型音乐盛会演出过、参加过两个国际音乐晚会、2010 突尼斯音乐晚会/2011 法国音乐晚会.

rock n roll
Bossa nova
Slow Music
International Music

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get off your drama at facebook LOL

Added by 许竑惞 (boyzepter) on August 15, 2014 at 12:36pm — 2 Comments

Chinese teacher and student, what's the matter?

I am from Zhejiang ,I am not a teacher.I am is a businessman

Now Chinese teachers often say the score

At school, students have little joy

Student performance is good or bad, decided to the teacher to student's attitude

I know this is due to China's education system

But I don't understand why Chinese society can't empathy, after all, everyone has experienced a…


Added by Ailce on August 11, 2014 at 1:07pm — 4 Comments

Open innovation

Hello friends, I'm doing my Master degree in London. I really needs help to fill my survey to complete my dissertation. could you take 5 mins.I would be super grateful if you could help me out.

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After 20 yrs I'm back to Europe

Having been Europe 20yrs ago, this year I come back Paris, Firenze, Venezia and Rome again.

Museum, church, buildings, road ..... all are very familiar with just like 20 yrs ago when I first time came to Europe during the summer vacation as an University student.  Nowadays many people say Chinese is not welcome by most EU countries and we need to behave very good.  However, during my 12 days vacation, I found most European still being the same attitude toward tourist as that of 20 yrs…


Added by closer on August 8, 2014 at 10:05pm — 1 Comment

THE JACE - KELLY LEADERSHIP ACQUISITIONS The Jace-Kelly Leadership Acquisitions offers a one of a kind partnering service to the companies that seek for a greater success in China. As a Recruiting fi…


The Jace-Kelly Leadership Acquisitions offers a one of a kind partnering service to the companies that seek for a greater success in China. As a Recruiting firm, we work very closely with some of the most successful MNC's in Retail, Food&Beverage, Banking, Finance, and s on.



Our internship program is known to be one of the best in the market, with challeging tasks and international…


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Why even westerners love our Asian women so much

I just watched this awesome pedo shit for hours make me jizz in my pant and it´s not giving it in.

Added by 0487在上马桶 on July 10, 2014 at 6:38pm — 7 Comments

Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men

This article is a masterpiece. It made me laugh hard. The author is brilliant by using her strong ironic thoughts. She wrote it long enough to cover the subject but harsh enough to keep it interesting like a woman´s skirt. …


Added by 0487在上马桶 on June 26, 2014 at 9:14pm — 9 Comments

Sunrise & Sunset

The red (come on come on...) morning sun is rising. Yoyoyo!

My penis ( come on come on...) is also rising. Yoyoyo!

An empty vessel filling with blood.

My penis, your penis.

Put the two together and it´s a double penis.

Hey! Wait just a second.

You´re forgetting my penis.

Our three penis quick shot´s the strongest in the world.

Holding only my penis, I play tennis at Karuisawa.

And in the next court, Michiko´s playing tennis too.

On Nishizawa…


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A golden retriever stacy she needs a home .Anyone who has good heart who want to adopt her ,pls text me .Many thanks.

Hallo my name is Stacy. I am 2,5 years old, very smart golden retriever girl. In my past I was not lucky with all the owners I had. My first owner closed me in a small cage for two years so I didn't had a chance to explore anything. After two years he sold me to a pet shop where I was supposed to have puppies to make some money. Thank god at this poit there was a very nice girl who wanted to help, to change my life. She bought me from the petshop and brought me to a pet hospital 'Doctors Beck… Continue

Added by Sherry on June 23, 2014 at 11:46pm — 3 Comments

House Rules during the World Cup

§ 1 The man is the absolute ruler of the TV and the associated remote control during the World Cup. 

 § 2 In this time the woman has to do silently with domestic work outside the TV room.


§ 3 Before each game make sure the man has a box with cool alcoholic beer beside the armchair, with an emphasis on cool.

§ 4 During a game the woman is prohibited to stay in the TV room. However, the subsequent delivery of snacks and beer is possible.

§ 5 In the half-time…


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Dear Bank, why I hate you,I like you, and I need you!

This is the letter I sent to the bank, let them know what i need from them, what they can do for my business:


(Pls welcome to visit my photo album--the Burger Yacht)




2.对购买---有哪些是现在通行的付款方式是你们愿意接受的,你想不想了解美国那边哪些是这边银行将来可以引进的。(比如,我就问过厂商-the Burger Group,…


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