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I've been living in Shanghai for 6 months, and I need to practice wo de pu tong hua.  Here is a little of what I know :)...


Ni shou ying wen, wo shuo pu tong hua.  Wo de gong zuo shi gong chen shi.  Xian zai shang ban.  Wo xi huan yin yue.  Wo xiang da wang qiu.  Wo kan wo de shu.  Wo mai le xie zi zuo tian.  Wo men gao xing!


Hao de!

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Hi boss, ;P ni xiang lian xi pu tong hua, wo xiang lianxi spoken english, let's do it ~

Sounds good, I need the practice!  Add me as a friend

hi,did you guys already organized that kind of event?

i have interested in language exchange either,i may properly speak English fluently,but want make more progress.Aslo i have interested in organizing count me im.

where do you work?

What kind of language do you wanna exchange?

By the way, I am a part time mandarin teacher. And my skype is chineselowng, just the same as my account in Shanghai Stuff.

To be honest, you are very good at language learning.But there are still some mistakes.

1. gong chen shi should be gpng cheng shi.

2.wo mwi le xie zi zuo tian should be wo zuo tian mai le xie zi.

Come on!

For more questions, you can just send me email at, and my skype  is chineselowng.

BTW: I am a part time mandarin teacher.

hi Clyde,


yeah, you study the spelling are good, i believe you will can speak chinese is good, when i was very young, also from the basic spelling starting, i hope can have one person with me exchang languge, chinese vs english.


good luck!


你好呀~ni hao ya~~I‘m a Chinese native speaker and would like to help you with your manderin.


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