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for fans of cultural shockwave wich would be known as hip hop that In the mid to late 1970s emerged in the neglected black neighborhoods in bronx New York City.. wut u know about hip hop?

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favorite hip hop artist

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Do you want to play in a hip-hop band?

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Comment by MAD Entertainment on April 28, 2014 at 1:49am

There are 4 things assured at a MAD party... Great VIBE, Awesome music, Wonderful prizes to be won & that 90% of the profits are going to charity... & this time it's all going DOWN at one of the coolest venues in Shanghai.

Verse@illity Entertainment is proud to present: MAD Mansion!

A RECORD setting night where 20+ of Shanghai's best djs unite on the decks for a great cause as they ignite the Mansion's 2 dance floors for 20+ hours of the BIGEST beats in Shanghai!

Featuring: Verse@ille, Conrank, Dj Laobang, Dj Asuka, Q-Kraft, Boris Redwall, Dj Roo, Rocky Ross, Michelle Grant, K.O.O.S, Rainbow Gao, Dj Sugar, Misloop, Skinny Brown, Ruffian, Dj Wazza, John B, Electronail, T-Plus, Basspanda, T-Meum, Bad Azz Frizahh & introducing Renaissance.

Playing everything from; Soul, Funk, Disco, R&B, Drum & Bass, Trap, Twerk, Moombahton, Hard Style, Hip hop, Dancehall, House, Kwaito, Dubstep, Soca, Rock & everything in between!

Also featuring a mind blowing LIVE band set from the Movement!

The daytime will be a family friendly pool party as The Mansion opens the pool for the first time this year. So pack your bikini / mankini, get your grandma, ayi and bring the kids for a splash in the pool.

As the sun goes down the BASS goes up & we will be raving till 10 am!

Also... Since its a MAD House party, pretty much anything goes so wear a costume, a mask, a wig, that ugly sweater you got for christmas... there will be prizes for the most outstanding individuals.

Don't miss the 'MAD HOUR' 10-11pm... When your donations towards our charities could get you rewarded with instant prizes from our sponsors; Cocalero, Raised in China, Oakley, Skullcandy & Finest Call.

Fri 2 May


The Mansion

Dynasty Villas B18, No.851 Hong Jing Rd. near Hong Qiao Rd.

Info: 18601773399

50RMB Donation = Entry +1 DRINK

Supporting: Morning Tears (China) & Project: Western Cape Relief (South Africa).

MAD: Making A Difference by having a GOOD time.

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Comment by T-Plus on February 6, 2014 at 4:31pm

Real People, Real Music, Real DJs - The Shanghai All-Stars return to The Shelter on February 7th!

The finest hip hop from Shanghai and around China, once a month in The PRC's home for underground music - The Shelter. It's the place to be for DJs, MCs, B-boys, B-girls, hip hop heads, music lovers, party monsters, and those who want to dance.

2月7日周五,上海最具实力的HipHop地下团体COME CORRECT将请来Lo-Fai/STD的ADO8为大家送上冬日特别曲目!小伙伴们都知道Shanghai All-Stars是热爱HipHop朋友的天堂!当然还有雷打不动的DJ Caution, Heatwolves, T-Plus, MC JADO和MC One Con!票价40,晚十点,不见不散!

This month features some of the finest from Shanghai's underground music scene - T-Plus, Caution, Heatwolves, MC One Con, MC JADO, and ADO8 (Lo-Fai/STD). Don't miss this show!

Party starts at 22:00 and goes until the sun comes up and it's time for 河南烩面.

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Comment by T-Plus on October 28, 2013 at 10:41am

Us dudes don't need ta no stinkin costumes, our laid-back asses just need tha phat music! This week marks tha return of Doctor Wolf n' da thug is ghon be rockin all up in tha Shelter wit our asses fo' realz. Also count on B-Kut comin all up in in a special appearance. T-Plus n' D-J-H back ta back set n' other All Stars is shizzle ta drop by as well. Open mic (last week our crazy asses had Big Runn P from da ATL show up.

Come Correct is tha O.G. weekly hip hop jam up in Shanghai. Oldskool School / Golden Age / Funk / Soul / R&B / Underground steez noize all night.

Starts at 10pm

Jacked Entry

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Comment by T-Plus on October 2, 2013 at 4:03pm

Come Correct is proud to present DJ Yoda live on October 3rd at the world famous SHELTER.

DJ Yoda has won the DMC Scratch DJ of the year in 2001and was one of six nominees for best UK hip-hop DJ in the UK Hip-Hop Awards. He has also been nominated by Q magazine as one of the "Ten DJs To See Before You Die", has released a series of mix-tapes, and has toured the globe with Goldie and the Scratch Perverts. In 2010 he also won the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards for Contemporary Classic Album with the Heritage Orchestra. He is currently the hip-hop correspondent for IDJ magazines, and also writes the DJ page for Hip Hop Connection magazine. He has also been on the judging panel for the DMC DJ World Finals for the last three years.

The Come Correct Crew continues to bring the legends of Hip Hop to Shanghai and only at THE SHELTER. Show starts at 10pm and will go 'till the wheels fall off. Don't miss the COME CORRECT CREW with DJ YODA.

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Comment by T-Plus on September 16, 2013 at 9:55am

9月21号星期六: COME CORRECT 特别专场 Shanghai All Stars 再次回归 Shelter!这是上海DJ五人“梦之队”: Popasuda 主理人 Skinny Brown, Love Bang 超级阿姨打扫卫生帮 Heatwolves 和 Caution, Come Correct 大佬 T-plus, DMC 中国冠军 Cavia 另外还加上上海浩室音乐代表 Acid Pony Club 的特别 Hip Hop set, 全明星阵容和四台黑胶唱机送给你最棒的Mix!9月21号晚上9点开始, 11之前免费进场, 之后门票每张40元 - 绝对不能错过!

The Shanghai All Stars are back at The Shelter for another round! The All Star parties are about showcasing the best of the best from around China and more! Past guests include DJ DSK (Kunming), D-Rocc (Hangzhou), Far East Lion (Shanghai/Japan), DJ Maze (Hangzhou), Shige (Japan).

The fourth round will feature regular All Stars T-Plus, Caution, Cavia, Heatwolves and MC One Con.

Skinny Brown will be swingin by and jammin with us and THE ACID PONY CLUB will be dropping a crazy hip hop set that will be an All  Star exclusive!

Saturday, September 21

40rmb at the door after 11pm (free before)

Comment by Mary Jane on September 2, 2013 at 12:11am

Verse@illity Entertainment shows: MAD & Shanghai in the Trap Radio will be hitting the cyber waves from Tuesday 3rd Sept on Udance Cn!
MAD Radio / 22:00-23:00
Shanghai in the Trap Radio / 23:00-00:00

Stream in LIVE on:

Tuesdays are bout to get Turnt UP!

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Comment by T-Plus on August 20, 2013 at 9:36pm

祝你生日快乐~祝你生日快乐~祝亲爱的贝斯炒饭大猩猩Conrank生日快乐。。。祝你生日快乐~!这是我们大家将在Come Correct派对唱的歌,你会错过它吗?谁都不会的吧?!免门票,蛋糕,便宜的酒水,好听的音乐,还能看到Conrank, Caution, Choyce Kutz(好多的C..) 以及T - Plus喝多后变身成超级无敌的DJ。。。好了好了,不说废话了。说白了,这就是免费的Corank生日派对。如果你喜欢他,就来,如果不喜欢他,就算了吧,如此简单。来自Come Correct Crew(这C也太多了吧。。)的爱。>>声明: 如果你不来,Corank会即刻默认你不喜欢他,以后永远都不会理你

Come Correct pres. Conranks Birthday Special!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIED RICE BASS MONKEY PRODUCER HERMIT BROTHER CONRAAAANK...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! is the song you will be singing at midnight at Come Correct, and would you wanna miss that?! Who wouldn't?! Free entry, cake, cheap drinks, good music and you get to watch Conrank, Caution, Choyce Kutz (That's a lot of C's) and T-Plus drink till they morph into a giant super DJ with magical powers and..... ok ok , enough bullshit. Look it's a free party to celebrate Conranks birthday. If you like him COME, if you don't like him, DON"T COME. pretty simple. Love from the Come Correct Crew (There really is a lot of C's) >> DISCLAIMER. if you do not come Conrank will immediately assume you do not like him and will never talk to you again Oh, and since Conrank is an abassador for URBANEARS, he will be giving away a couple pairs of headphones just for coming to his birthday so you can listen to his rankadankness!

Comment by Mary Jane on August 20, 2013 at 5:20pm

Join Shanghai's newest models night, MODELS GONE WILD (SH's only Hip Hop / Trap based models night), @ Champagne Monkey Room (38 Donghu Rd, inside Dakota) EVERY THURSDAY!

Wicked djs (Dj Verse@ille & Boris Redwall), Sick Beats, Cold Champagne & Hot models.

10pm - LATE


Proudly presented by Verse@illity Entertainment.

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Comment by T-Plus on July 19, 2013 at 3:17pm

The Shanghai All Stars are back! Friday July 26th the All Stars take over The Shelter again to bring the hottest DJ's in Shanghai together again! Caution, Heatwolves, Cavia, T-Plus, L-J, Shige are all going to rock the house! M.C. One Consciousness will be there, Jado will be there and Special guest from Uprooted Sunshine - MAZE will be coming to Shanghai just to rock with the All Stars.

Hip hop, dancehall, reggae, funk, soul, R&B and other good stuff without fillers, additives, or P.E.D.s of any sort.

Doors open at 9 pm - Free before 11pm - 40rmb after.


Comment by Verse@illity Entertainment on July 5, 2013 at 11:06am

'In the TRAP' series kicks it into the next gear @ the new LOgO for a MASSIVE Saturday night of BASS & SWAG... Brought to you by: Verse@illity Ent, Raised in China, Skullcandy & The Attic.

Djs: Laobang, Verse@ille, Tourettez, Boris Redwall hosted by Myami Kid team up to bring you the HOTTEST; Dancehall, Crunk, Moombahton & the HARDEST HITTING TRAP Shanghai has EVER heard!

So turn your SWAG on, show up & vibe out to win INSTANT prizes from; Raised in China, Skullcandy & The Attic.

Saturday 6 July
22:00 - 05:00

LOgO (New location)
298 Xingfu Lu, by Pungwu Lu.
Info: 13 818 600 544

SH in the TRAP


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