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I have a creative idea on a new social network. Looking for programmers, designers, and coders.

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i have been thinking about this for months also.. FB is not all that @ all!  It needs to evolve, and get ready for the next generation P.! :)


I drafted a plan few months ago.... ... but since this will be something HUGE, hehhe i must find trusted people ;)

Alright, we need to get down to business! Every second wasted is a second someone else might beat us to it! Time to buckle down and speed it up!

hahaha. do u guys know how much social networking site out there? its too saturated right now. cost for building the infrastructure itself gonna cost at least 1-5M rmb, not including maintanence, marketing and advertising bugdet. what u need is investor. get your idea into a deck and start presenting to future investor before wasting your money and time to designer and developer. just my 2 cent..

agreed...but hey, if they have a good idea and a novel approach to marketing and revenue creation then why not! 


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