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Why Young people Don't give up their seat to the elderly

Hi Guys!!


Just a concern, as some of us already calling shanghai our second home and living here with our families,There is something that really concerns me anytime i take the metro.

I have seen senior citizens standing in the train all the way from the  Airport to downtown shanghai, But it seems young people here don't really care about given up their seat to senior citizens, pregnant women, children and even the disabled. 


Is this attitude part of the chinese culture? Since some of us are confuse with the culture here.



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If you ask me this mean........... you think it is okay to NOT give the seat during the rush hour?

Based on the example you gave that the foriegner didn't give up his seat, that is it mean you are looking up to him? Because it seems many girls in this city never give up their seat.

I have always advocate that people shd give up their seat.


............... what is connection between "I was looking up to him"  and "many girls in this city never give up their seat"?? Of course i was looking up to him, otherwise how can i witness what he did?



How often do you give up ur seat? i asked this question to my staff and it seems non of them have ever given up a seat. congrat if you have ever given a seat.

Really, that were they told u?


1. Ask Chinese staffs

Q: Do u give seat to others? A: NO, NEVER

Excatly like this?


2. Ask foreigner

Q: Why you fight a seat with an elder?

A: I just learnt from Chinese, they deserved be treated like this.


That is your logic right?


hahaha... No. Have you ever given a seat? Ans:NO.becos cos it doesn't occur to them to give up a seat.


Liu Qing: Why do i have to give my seat to someone i dont know.


Linda: Sometimes i want to give but they said its ok


Tony: Because i was playing game and i didnt want to stop.


Fiona: Because i am too tired and i don't  want to stand up.


common sense shd tell me that they don't want to give up their seat.


Chinese got many hidden traditions and culture that we can't understand.Anytime i asked my colleague to go first after i open the gate, she will say you are so kind, chinese men never do that.

Oceanblue, you witnessed one(1) not two(2) or six(6) or nineteen(19) foreigners fight for a seat.. out of how many? He is the exception to the rule, you cannot generalize from one black sheep.. This having been said, I can DEFINITELY 100% ASSUREDLY generalize by saying I have NEVER seen a Chinese give up his seat for an elderly person, or disabled, etc... The other way around, the black sheep in China would be that one(1) special Chinese person who did give up his seat, wherever he is, praise him...

Excatly the point. Not everybody does it, there are a lot of chinese give the seat to elder as well, I have witnessed MANY times.

come on people, look @ it differently, instead of lamenting the obvious.

Let it go when people being rude so you thankful and notices when people actually polite and does the right things.. 

Rosa, that's a little bit of a problem too... I was raised in a family who has a tremendously high standard for etiquette and politeness, I hold the doors for people, I say thank you, hello, good bye, the whole nine yards.. But here in China, 1/1000 notices this when I do it, and I admit it is gratifying to hear someone say xiexie when I hold the elevator, or door open...I am extremely tolerant, but sometimes the cherry on top of the cake has to land:


One particular morning last week, I was in a bad mood to say the least, stress at work with negotiations, mother having health issues, etc.. and I took a cab to work.. upon paying the cab driver (i was sitting in front) and opening the door, I say the normal zai jian, and hear nothing back, I turn my head and look him dead in the eye thinking maybe he didn't hear me and repeat 'Zai Jian', he just turned his head back to the steering wheel, obviously waiting for me to get out... I wasn't going to get out of that cab until that stupid impolite driver would return the farewell.. It took 5 Zai Jiens, and a look that said: "If you can't learn the slightest form of politeness RIGHT NOW, I will beat the living daylights out of you!"

or.. maybe you can picture him in your head that he said " zai jian : with a big smile in his face"... :D

Perhaps its arrogant to assume that you know better than this poor cab driver who wasted 5 zai jian's of time waiting for you to get out of his car so he can get his next fare.

Who are you to "teach him proper manners"?

Isn't it a little rude to give dirty threatening looks and waste other people's time?

Seems like there was more than one impolite person in that situation.


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