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Is marriage important to you? and when you will get married?

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Come on...Except for people that are already engaged, can anyone possibly say when they are going to get married? 

Damn, i also want to know the answer! before 35 i think?

Girls, never marry for must-have a marriage!

Picture youself marry a man who you don't feel like marrying. Options after marriage: 1. living unhappily but you bear all till the day you die. 2. divorce, which make the situation even more difficult for a happy second marriage. If you have kids, OMG, you whole life is ruined. If you are lucky to find a man to marry you regardless your kids with your ex, there still will be many problems. It's not easy to handle the role of step father/mother. Lots of problems will come up, especially in China, because marriage is not an issue between two of you, but an issue between two families. There will be even problems after you/your husband die:inheritance. Not kidding.

Even marry a good man/woman does not make a happy marriage without love.

张卫修  I agree with. @ Evgenia this is what am talking about pressure from people parents and society. 2012 modern day life it shouldn't be strange for a person to choose not to get married or marry when they want or whatsoever their choices maybe.

Pressure them marriage and you will pressure them into sad marriage life or divorce or extra marital affairs.

Your last sentence is spot on. I'm amazed at the amount of cheating that goes on amongst married couples here, both men and women, and the only thing I can think of that it could be attributed to is people getting pressured into marrying people they don't really love.

Marriage is important but it doesn't mean everybody needs it.

I will get married until I find somebody I would love and live with for the rest of my life.


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