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i always believe betrayal is unacceptable yet unforgivable!!! when comes to real life i am lost, even compromise.

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I dont believe men anymore!

me either

maybe you two should get a room ...

Why so many girls like to use this phrase?

To me, it just sounds like some weak minds are complaining...

move out from shanghai, where everybody cheats.

1. what will be the reason to push him/her seak out of marriage affair?

  your problem or his/hers

2. try to arrive his/her requirements

3. already happened? then...u know...

4. what will u do? revenge, cry, drink, spend all money, throw away the baby,change plans

5. make him submmisive.



I'm the kind of girl use a letter to make him suddenly realise "oh I'm so stupid to make this decision, so akward, how can i get her back" after he said to you "we have nothing in common" or "we are not compatible."

Wow, how about when its the woman who is betraying? what would be her punishment? a soft kiss on her front head?

I donot know.I met some men who are faithful and loyal than me. I guess there is strong will in their mind. and for people who are christian.

most of the time, I was silent, coz my devotion was not as much as his. and I have to be patient to be a good listener.

christian people love each other,they want company for whole life. and still for next life.and want to bury in same tomb after died.

Slow Slicing--To suffer the prisoner to the fullest, this is performed alive and it requires the prisoner to die only after being sliced with an exact numbers of slicing. It started from feet, and usually it requires 1000 slicing. This means that the prisoner has to be sliced for 1000 times before he/she is allowed to die. If the prisoner die before 1000 slices then the executor will be punished as well.

Grooming--This is not the usual grooming as the word means. This is a very harsh penalty where the prisoner will be treated with hot boiled water at first and then the human flesh will be combed down using an iron brush.

Skin Peeling--It's started from the spine, separate the skin from the muscle slowly with a knife. The terrible thing is that the prisoner will only die after one day. At first, it's executed after the prisoner is dead but it turns out to peel the skin alive after that.

All Five Punishment--Head, feet, hands, ears are cut off and the eyes are gouged out. Normally performed after the prisoner is dead.

Cooking--The prisoner is placed in a big urn which is surrounded by red-hot charcoal. Basically it means to 'cook' the prisoner.

Torn Into Five--The prisoner's head and limbs are tied with ropes, and pulled by five horses towards five different directions, and torn the person into five sections.

Cut Off The Feet--Some people say that the parts below the knees are cut off, and some say to cut off the feet, and some say to cut the knee. The third saying is more reliable. In short, it's similar to amputation.

Castration--First, the penis is tied up with a rope so that the blood circulation is disturbed and the cells will die eventually. Then, the part is cut off with a knife. Then, ash is used to cover the wound and a feather is inserted into the urethra. A few days later, the feather is removed, and if the person is able to excrete urine out of his body, then it's a successful castration.

Waist Cutting--The prisoner's waist is cut into two sections by an ax. Most of the main organs are located in the upper body, therefore the prisoner will not die immediately.

Hanging--Chinese people's hanging uses a bow string to kill. The criminal's neck is set on the bow, and the executioner began to spin the bow. The criminal is getting less air and finally dead.

                                                                        God Bless You!!!


miya:here we are talking about the human relationship! i begin to sympathize ur bf ! well i will just walk away and find another one!

Those i mentioned is for punishment of betrayal,i think i am on the track ,anyway ,just for kidding ,not take it seriously.George. :-P

hi miya, here I have some advice.

1,make him kneel down on washing boards.

2,ask him clean floor with nails, kneel down on floor.

3.face wall in toilet count how many numbers the water meter or voltmeter run every hour.

5. spank with besom

6. no bedroom, sleep in sofa

7.lock the door, so he cannot open when back home. stand downstairs to get exhibit by neighbours.

but still need to keep his hormone in hign level.

do u want to tame him?


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