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What do chinese WOMEN want from dating / relationship? is that the same as what western men want?

okay i changed the topic to fit the demographic of this website ;)

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What do you think Ms.rose?

actually i dont know, that's why i am asking.

but based on the forum posts that i have read so far, they want the following from a relationship, and in that order:

1. house

2. Money

3. handsome looks


what's your experience?


That what  Chinese ladies want or that's what you really want?

me? i want all of those, and a big dick ;)

That's quite a lot in your requirment

1, me.

no mortage, under my name. common sense.

It should under both names:-)

for the first one, under 2 names,ok, sounds fair.~~~ i only want 1 under my name, not 10, thats risky.

Ms.rose is soooooooo beautiful name.  makes me think of the dancer Camellia.

peace of mind... trust ....   thats it..

Hey rose

U changed, a lot, is that really u or it wasnt u before , lt doesnt looks like u now.
I mean your post. Not your pic.


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