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What do chinese WOMEN want from dating / relationship? is that the same as what western men want?

okay i changed the topic to fit the demographic of this website ;)

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I hate it's raining today!! Give me some sunshine!

is that what you want? sunshine?

As long as the sunshine is tall and tan and sexy!

sunshine can be sexy? hehe. i didnot know today is raining. i am hungry now, but ate too much yesterday.

But just after the dating process, what happens?

ha ha   funny pic. space and distance is important, in every human social interaction.


sometimes guys do that too


because you are bored by what chinese women want?

How could I be bored with all the games they play and that I so enjoy. I was actually truly asleep at that moment ;-) Thanks for waking me up with the need for a "big dick" comment.

you sound cynical and jaded

Do you have a big D ;)

Being cynical and jaded comes with age and wisdom. As for a Big D, I'll save that info for those that have been and will be privy ;-)


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