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It behooves me to educate some individuals at the gym proper weight room etiquette. The things I see upset me and anger me at the same time. I don't know if it's common Chinese mannerisms like chewing with your mouth open or shoving on the subway, but some things can only go so far. I feel like the personal trainers and staff should be the ones to educate all weight room/exercise room users on etiquette. Here's my list of what people should/shouldn't do:

- proper form is crucial, so people shouldn't be using equipment that they have no idea how to operate or how to properly execute. You could injure yourself or others in the vicinity.
- don't throw weights or drop them from high distances! This will only damage them and other people won't be able to use them in the future.
- share equipment/machines. Don't hog them or be selfish. Give others a chance to do a quick set and then switch.
- keep your shirts/clothes on. People shouldn't be walking around and working out whilst shirtless. I don't care if you're Arnold schwarzenegger or Paris Hilton. Be respectful; you don't need to show off your guns to everyone.
- put weights away after using them. Don't just leave a mess and expect the next person who uses them to put them away
- no kids in the gym. They can really hurt themselves on the machines.
- for the second time, no smoking :P
- wear proper clothes and footwear. I see too many people with suits in, crocs, uggs, sunglasses, etc. How do you run in uggs and how do you workout in a suit without possibly ripping it?
- warm up your body before going into your workout and begin/finish with stretching. You can hurt yourself without a warmup.
- wipe away your sweat. No one wants to use a bench press with sweat all over the damn thing.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Do people have any they want to add?

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 “Here's my list of what people should/shouldn't do

This sounds so teacherish… oh, I almost forgot, you ARE a teacher…hahahaha


“I don't know if it's common Chinese mannerisms like chewing with your mouth open or shoving on the subway”

Talking about this, it may actually be pretty common in some of the Eastern Asian countries… in Japan, you can still find many guys making big noise while eating, especially the older generations… traditionally, it’s believed that you should make noise when you eat certain type of food to show that you like it, the best example is RAMEN (noodle):


Well, things are changing though…more and more people believe it’s kind of rude to do so, especially the younger generation and females… at least during the years when I was living there, I didn’t witness a single woman doing that, thank goodness… ;)

Ironically, the picture I gave is actually a girl making big noise while sucking in noodles…LOL… but that’s how exactly they look like though…  :D

Haha.  Yes, I understand that slurping and making noises during a meal in some cultures are seen as good things.  There are even some cultures that see flagellating in company as a good thing :P But I'm concerned about weight room etiquette because most of the habits and actions that people do in the room are just unsafe, unsanitary, and unnecessary.

Some people should clean the  equipment and machinese after use due to their sweaty hands.

Yea, I agree completely.  I have a one-year membership at Will's and they hardly have enough equipment.  All of their dumb bells are damaged, so none of them actually weigh the weight that they display.  They only have 1 set of dumb bells per weight, too.  Not only this, but the place has only 1 bench press and 1 smith machine.  It's sad to even call that place a weight room. :P

There is no swimming pool in the weight room. lol

Or poop.

:), last summer, three dudes were lifting weights on a weekend day in their tighty whities.  They run backward on the tredmill which is really dangerous.  It's almost a rule that you have to wear flip flops in the place.  There are always two kids running around, I think they belong to one of the employees.  They run around playing like they are in a park and all the adults just smile like they are cute completely unaware of how dangerous it is for the kids and others.  They have a little balcony where they smoke so that isn't such a big problem.  They always have chinese news blasting on the tredmill tvs and no music.  I go into the spinning room to turn on the stereo and there is some chinese love music or something oposite to what i'm looking for to get pumped up.  They make up awkward, dangerous lifting teqniques and stay on one machine or with weights for a long time flexing in the mirror in between sessions (that isn't unique to chinese, that's pretty much every weight room on the planet.  they never put weights back on the rack in an organized way so it's hard to find things.  They walk around the locker room naked aimlessly like they are dirk diggler.  The stand on benches looking off into the distance with their balls hanging out.  The naked dude locker room culture in China, and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Weight training is obviously new to China and it is China so I don't expect the same environment, but there are a lot of things that are dangerous and bad for the equipment.  Safety should be the first priority in a work out facility.  Safety is what they should tackle first I think..

that's good.  I would like to go to a nice gym.  this one is right across the street and only 1,600 rmb per year.  It has everything i need.  I just bring my ipod.  good thing is there are always tredmills.  It's always ok to ask people to let you in on a machine or a bench I think.  Most people feel stupid when they get caught checking themselves out in the mirror wasting time.  I hope nobody minds that i smoke on the tredmill though :P

Lol I hate you. You're one of those people who smoke in gyms!? Ughhh :P FYI, what've you been up to. Long time no see, man.

dont stare at me


This is a major irritant of mine.  I'm in.

- Don't smoke in the weight room.

- Don't unscrew the dumbbells and take weights off of them, thus making them weigh differently from their labels.

- Don't walk across an occupied platform (or comparable space clearly in use), especially when someone is in the midst of a core or heavy compound lift.

- Considering how rare it is to see anyone wipe down a bench or machine, it's nice I guess that there are old women mopping the floor.  But, ladies, if you're going to mop the floor, move the barbells so that they don't end up soaking wet.  And for the love of god, DON'T MOP IMMEDIATELY THROUGH THE MOTION OF SOMEONE BENCHING OR SQUATTING.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Do you have any fucking idea, even the slightest fucking clue, how dangerous that is?

- Don't smoke in the weight room.

- If doing standing dumbbell lifts, step away from the dumbbell racks.  That way we don't have to wait for you if we want to grab dumbbells.

- Don't spit on the floor.

- Don't smoke in the weight room.

- No, seriously, you miserable dickwads, don't smoke in the weight room.


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