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this guy was chat with me ,his name is stillalivedo ,why you iin shanghaistuff ?

Clear chat history
stillalivehow're you doing?
0:42 AM
Meim fine thanks
stillaliveare you single?
3:02 PM
stillalivedo you have msn?
3:07 PM
MeYou should introduce yourself first
3:09 PM
stillaliveu're such a bitch.
dirty bitch.
3:11 PM
Mewatch your mouth ,otherwise send you back to your country
stillalivesuck my cock,bitch
u r ugl

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IDK what to tell you except to ignore him/her.  You could also report 'spam or harassment' under the 'Info' tab on the main page if you so choose to.

cheers mate ,next time

you can get him banned from the site, report to Mike

thanks ,now i have enjoy my dinner :)

I guess he's still alive, but he's banned from here, Effy.

its ok ,lets forget about him

but thank you Asia stuff media .


Since I have time difference, so sometimes when I get online in SS, it's passed midnight in your place, and every now and then, I would run into same situation as you did... most of those guys are either back from clubbing or drunk, they could be rude sometimes, but I choose to ignore them, just like when I run into a real drunky on the street... it's just online chatting, if they make you feel upset, you can choose to shut down the line anytime... I don't even think about wasting my time being angry with that kind of people... matter of fact, I think there are quite a few those guys out there...

last week a very rude person was in this forum with a dirty name, second day he left messages on my post,then he changed his name into a good one. but the post he replied still there. so rude.

i have to be only angry, but no other way to punish that kind of person.

send him back to his country is a good idea. 

it can help to solve the local unemployeement. but how? do u have his passport? do u know his real name?

u have no evidence. so no use. 

i hope embassy be strict to those who do harm to people, when examine his profiles. the entrance is too easy these yrs.

jennifer, you are so cute.

I mean it


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