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I love women so please don't take this as an insult.  I've often been told that sometimes women are faced with information that brings up emotions they can't circumvent.  Of course I don't know, but it makes sense to me that these situations make it more attractive for women to ignore the information and resolve their emotional dilemma but following strict intuition.  

Intuition is important.  It allows us to make quick judgements based on our subconscious digestion of experience and stored information.  However, intuition is flawed when information or experience provides a less than adequate foundation of knowledge to quickly and accurately make a snap decision. 

When you were in school, did you ever try to take a test that you didn't study for?  Maybe you went to all the classes, so you've heard all of the information that the test is based on.  You may get the paper in front of you, and let your subcontious take over thinking that dedication to evoking a strong feeling about the correct multiple choise answer will bring you positive results. Maybe the feelings that drive your intuition are strong, so strong that in your mind they can't be wrong, but in fact very well could be.  If a person is asked to validate their response with an explanation and they are not able to do so, why would they be surprised to find out that their answer is wrong no matter how confident they are about it?

I bet a lot of ladies will get upset about this post, but this post mostly concerns ladies because the ladies lean on intuition much more often than men do. 

Your thoughts or intuitives responses are appreciated.

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if u don't rely on intuition, how do u make judgment?

yes i have seen how u made judgment of people and yes i would agree that ur judgment seem correct.

if u don't want to explain it's okay , but perhaps just explain a little bit? and how to u know ur judgment is not clouded by emotions?

Hi Doll, I was thinking how many flowers did u give your team on valentine's day?

Intuition based on our fight/flight system is normally a biological thing.  Everyone has 'intuition', due to our hormones and chemicals in our body and how our body reacts to certain situations, but men and women tend to differ in given situations.

It's been scientifically proven that men and women handle things differently.  It's in our make-up.  Men tend to measure things on a logical level--looking at the positive/negative things and then making a decision based on what he believes to be the best option.  They think of things simplistically and on a face-value scale.

Women tend to use both logic and emotional signals to help them choose.  They rely on their 'feelings' and what they think 'feels' right.  They probe situations and decisions more in depth, compared to men--magnifying every aspect of on an emotional and logical level.

This is mainly why men and women can get along and come to similar conclusions/outcomes about things, but still differ on how they get there.  Without this opposite/difference in thinking, there wouldn't be that polar attraction, which we all frankly enjoy so dearly :)

so in your impressions women make more careful decisions than men?

Whether women are making decisions more carefully than men or not, I do think that when we are talking about relationship, men can afford to lose more than women...

lose what?

Too many things, hard to summarize them...but, one of the most important things is probably: TIME

this is very interesting

i don't know. i am often scared by men. they feel cold to me. and they seem stronger than women in every way. and their reproductive year is much longer than woman's. they can wait till 60 and still have kids. but women can't.

Rose, I want to say something, but cannot make comment under your comment,have to write here.

U sound so weak, why scared?  sure man can still have kids until 60 even 80, woman will end around in this time world economy crisis, many younger people delay their marriage, delay their life have better position than woman.

But I have seen the situation when they get despaired.when their life sinking, they have no method to rescue. I hate to use the word USELESS, but sometimes they are, useless, stubburn.Some even escape from family responsibility, social responsibility. Sometimes I even feel the black men stronger than white men. I mean mentally.they are more positive about life,deligent,fast.while a white boy may curl up crying.the Pursuit of Happyness,1980 SF.the man is strong I think.

and sometimes I do find the romantic Europe continent has some negative aspects.the coming death of a young life,the heat death,life is so weak. the many wine factories but find no buyer,the old family lether shops but no buyer.that's sad thing.

donot be scared. try to understand each other.and find your way to contribute.

if you are weak, u need someone strong to protect u.

yes i am weak bu i have good endurance :)

i am not sure if men like women to be emotional. a woman has that devil-may-care attitude, cool and aloof, or a woman who feels, who has strong emotions. or a woman who has strong emotions as well as the ability to keep her emotions at bay. do ppl really love based on their judgment, or do they love without any reason.

Nah, not exactly. Women just judge the characteristics of decisions with more factors and aspects than do men.  Like I said, they like to base their decisions with both logic and emotions (but this can cause conflict, especially when their emotions are majorly the precursor).

Men use simple reasons (they see things in black and white--facts/truths) and logic to make decisions.

I meant 'HOW' men and women make decisions are different, but they still have similar outcomes. :)

This is what I've read in many books based on psychology, and I find it to be relevant.


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