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Hi guys, long time no see... so this is my question time again.


I got some questions recently about

1. do you guys know taobao?

2. do you guys buy things on taobao?

3. If not, what is the problem/concern that you dont use it?

4. If you use it, how do u pay on taobao?

5. Please tell me anything taobao can make you think about.


Thanks very much for your time :)

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1. yes
2. no
3. there is nothing i want to buy on there
4. n/a
5. fake
3.not applicable of china too lazy to go out and buy stuffs, well cheap stuffs..
hahahah, I used to export dogs from the US. AKC baby babay!
1, Yes
2. No
3. Lack of trust
4. N/a

I want to add that if I had Chinese language communication skills I could give it a try. I do come across items that seem to have a bit lower price than elsewhere. But I am not the type who prefers to buys cheap even if there is no quality assurance. So I play safe and stay away from it.
Thank you guys for all the information :)
1. yes
2. yes
3. sometimes I don't use because its something I can't see - so I go online to check prices and then go to YuYuan or people's square bazaars to buy.
4. only issue is having to pay for it not having Chinese account - just found out you can pre-pay at the post office.... but its a hassle if you want to send something back.
5. I bet a store geared towards foreigners (English language set-up and people that can answer in English?) would make a lot of money... hmmm...

I've been using taobao for almost 3 years, now actually taobao is getting more and more mature, especially Tmall, you can buy brand things there, as most of the brands are opening their own flag shops, the prices are similar with big supermarket like Carefour or Legou, but at least saving time to check out and taxi fee, easily to research Unilever or P&G brand. Now I seldom go to supermarket. But i won't buy anything like baby food, other food if the owner cant make me convince they purchase their products from real channel, since i read the fake baby powder news from taobao. And i won't buy any clothes or shoes, and i don't trust Daigou. I bought some clothes and shoes for my daughter, won't buy again, the quality really not good, and especially i saw the TV news about Black Cotton. I am also doing online shopping business now, my store is :  , it's online grocery delivery store, we are selling mainly with imported products and daily house staff like vegetable, fruits, wines. That's the reason i am studying online shopping a lot. I fee deliver with right products, on time and selling real products with reasonable prices are the most important things for online business. Hope my oponion is helpful, and welcome to shop with


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