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Seems like still there are a lot of guys believe that women’s NO means YES.

I don’t know where this idea came from, but sometimes a woman’s NO means a very solid NO.

However, I have to admit, this theory is not completely a myth.  There are moments when we say no, we could mean “maybe yes”, “OK yes”, or even “yes please!

OK, I agree that women could be very complicated.  I don’t even understand women myself.

Guys, how do you manage to handle such complicated creatures?  :P

Girls, have you ever said a NO when you actually meant to say YES?  Or vice versa?  :D

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If a woman said "no" to me but meant "yes" or "maybe," she has missed my vessel and been stranded on shore.

No biggie, there always a next one.  ;)

how about the 20%?

I guess this Yes No game is a way of flirting.

So the 20% is reserved for the guy she wishes to flirt with.

Very clever:)

Or I just enjoy seeing men use the little gray cells trying to figure out which percentage they're in:P

:D)))  Fat guy laugh to that one

This topic reminds me of something a friend of mine told me last week.This friend is an eye-catching gorgeous lady whom I am sure she always attracts the attention of guys in the pub, whether intentionally or not. Quite often guys would approach her and offer her drink, and she is so annoyed when she says NO but the guy just tend to push his luck so hard by saying: Oh, come on, don’t be a library girl, or something like Hey give me some face

I think I understand her frustration, as I always see this type of drama (especially when I was in Beijing/Tianjin) and I am always shocked seeing the guy keep pushing so hard no matter how annoyed/disgusted/irritated the girl already shown on her face.

And really, I hope this topic would “enlighten” this type of guys a little. Take the NO from a girl as a firm NO if you hardly know the girl. Don’t embarrass the rest of us.  

Yep!  That's why I said NO could mean a very solid NO!

You dumb dumb, get it?

(T, I know you are not one of those dumb dumb. :P)

well if you say No but followed by "you dumb dumb", I'm afraid I will take it as a flirtatious NO instead of a real NO... :P I realize may be it is not really the guy's fault in the pub.


Don't use me as the standard, because I'm so wicked weird.  ;)

@T With our good friend technique as she will step the guy shoe with her high heel,u will get a definetly NO and u will not get confusion in this situation !

girls who will stomp on a guy's foot with their heels for trying to start up a conversation don't belong in public places


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