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    Well ,I wanna ask what u gonna do if u meet a pervert in a crowded public place (example for the carriage of subway),you cannot move anymore,and that pervert is just next to or standing behind you 。

    Sure he would not do that things obviously ,he might have a guilty conscience from his looking ,but at least u can feel that he is trying to touch you ,what u gonna do especially when he is behind you ,what u gonna do ,would you really shout to him?

    I also asked some girls before ,seems most of them they all encountered this kind of affairs ?but seems few girls would shout immediately.

    And i saw a woman who shouted to a guy instantly in the carriage ,cuz she feeled she got the sexual harassment from the guy,she might be too sensitive about this ,coz the guy wasn`t be so guilty ,eventually they quarreled for a while ...

    So,i really don't know how to do in this situation ,I got puzzled~

    Any advice is welcome~

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If i were the pervert, I would say: " You are the psychologist for me" :P

Your best weapon is to turn around and shout at him, embarass him at all cost.

Some men just have no class!!!   

I think women should always carry some pepper spray, hehe!

When I was living in Japan, I actually had this type of experience quite often in trains.  In Japanese, those guys are being referred to as CHIKAN, and they are everywhere.

Normally I wouldn’t yell or shout, because I don’t like to get the unnecessary attention from the crowd, no matter how much I want to embarrass those guys who harassed me.

I have developed my own strategy which worked out pretty well.  Once I’m certain someone is groping me intentionally, I would move one of my heels on top of the guy’s toes, and slowly shift my weight toward that heel.  This is to test whether the guy is truly guilty or not.  If the guy was innocent and just happened to touch me by accident, then he would normally show some kind of reaction, then all I had to say is “oops, I’m sorry.”

But, if the guy is truly guilt, they would not react.  Then I would move forward by transferring more weight while grinding his toes under my heel… if I was wearing high heel that day, it would be even better, lol.  Sometimes I could even feel the guy behind me starts to breathe harder because of the silent pain. ;)

Then, I’d give him a nice finish by lifting up my heel and then stomp on his foot as hard as I could.  When he is groaning out with pain, I would finally turn my head around to look at him, just to see how miserable he was.

This strategy worked out quite well for me back then, because mostly it happened in very crowded trains.  But if it’s under situations where there are not many people around, I do not recommend this strategy, because it could put you under greater danger.

haha Mint this is also my strategy, although I don't take the time to be so careful..just randomly stomp the foot behind me as hard as possible. I also give a vicious elbow in the stomach, then sometimes apologize with a dazzling smile:D   

Haha, we are both tough girls. BTW, I do the elbow thing as well. :D
Actually, I don't mind slapping the guy's face, but in a crowded train and when the guy is touching from behind, it takes too much effort to do so, you'll have to turn around first and make sure you have enough space to swing your so, stomping the guy's feet is much more efficient. :)
Well, in Japan, mostly the trains are super packed during rush hours, and there have been cases reported that innocent guys been alleged as such CHIKAN by mistake, that's why I wanted to be careful.
But there is once, I met a freak on platform, with all the people around, he walked next to me and touched my chest, I was totally stunned, and the crowd around us was stunned too... and then, before I even realized it, I started to kick him really hard in the shin, again and again... then, he ran away while he was groaning out with

grope them back, hahaha

This was just what he was looking for :-P

ask "are you happy to meet me or you carry a gun in your pocket ?"

sure will get the attention of cops.

your colleague just gained a lot of points in my personal scale.


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