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Is there any online shops in English? hate milling around taobao for hours and get stuck at payment!!!

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Just get a Chinese friend or girlfriend to order the things you want from Taobao, and you give them the money.
No, sorry.
taobao tip: Stick to annoying IE. DO NOT use Firefox or Safari.
It never worked for me in an iPhone simulator on my computer.
Anyway, I think it was too complicated for spyware prone taobao..
i use English version Firefox which works perfect when i shopped in Taobao

the IE is really dull and annoying one

Maybe you should learn some rules first in front the complicated paying system (for foreigner)
I fully understand the complicated paying system, but, my browser(Firefox in this case) is smarter(or dumber?!?) than me to disallow possible privacy incursions.. But, IE on the other hand, is easily manipulated by taobao (or most of the Chinese websites).
Ture, firefox never works when it comes to proceeding payment
hi, I hear blcmeat is coming to shanghai soon. they are the very good company for prime meats ( black angus) usda steaks, wagyu beef, steak burgers, turkey and so many more. they are breeders & craft butcher shop. I am searching their location, however other countries they have home delivery. i hope e will be same in china. their web page is ; I hope I helped you
still trying to get used to buying something i can't see...
If you are interested in Shanghai luxury services at exclusive prices, check out is a dual language site (English/Chinese) catering to both the expat and local communities. We work with top businesses in Shanghai to bring our subscribers cool things to do and experience in Shanghai at a price too good to refuse. We are also focused on strengthening the community and for every purchase made on our site we donate a portion of our proceeds to a local, worthy cause. Check us out at It costs absolutely nothing to register with us. Thanks!
Try hassle-free shopping on - all english from landing to checkout.

Summer sale + free shipping til end of Aug. Check it out :)


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