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Somewhere somehow within our flesh bodies, I believe there is always another SELF furtively living with our human souls.

When the night comes, when the shadow behind us gets longer and heavier, when we look back and unexpectedly notice a subtle move of our own shadows, maybe it is the other SELF within us trying to sneak out to get an adventure in the darkness.

I am a cat, a cat from the city of Palenque.  For generations and generations, our family members have been the guardians of all the Mayan Temples on Yucatán Peninsula.

For over a thousand years, we’ve been enjoying our peaceful lives surrounded by the jungle.  But one day, we saw a human being wandering into our holy ground…

It did not take long for the waves of tourists start to show up… Then, one day when I was a little kitten, with a passing whim, I followed a gypsy family and left my birthplace to roam far far away…

I am a cat.




Please ignore the following.  It’s only written for certain people.




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Of all animals, you chose a cat?!  I pictured you to be something more fragile and timid--a mouse.  So, you vixen-like minx of a cat you are.  How many lives do you have left?  Do your whiskers bounce when you trot?  Do you round your back when you're angry?  Do you purr when you're stroked?

I'm no such animal, but I like to think of myself as an individual.  One in the same, but one none like the others.  :)

To make it clear, I did not choose cat.  Cat chose me.

Haven’t I ever mentioned that my little devil is actually a cat?  She chose to live with me long time ago.

Well, I don’t really understand the logic how a “bunny boy” not an animal :P?  But anyway, I am quite certain that I’m very much a cat.

I like to play with mice, just to see how intimidated they are when I show my shiny claws in front of them.  Honestly, I never intend to kill any one of them, most of them die from heart attack when I was merely checking my un-dried manicure in the sun.

Yes, I do purr when I’m stroked by my master, not cuz I like to be stroked that much, it’s cuz I know by doing so, my master will be very happy, so that she will buy the best cat food for me, and also she will send me to the best cat salon in the town at least once a week.  :P

You know what, being a cat is not that easy at all.  As little as I care about entertaining human beings, I have to remind myself to roll around and make cute poses in front of my master every now and then, so she will adore me and allow me to control her mind without letting her notice that…  ;)

Haha.  Sounds like you're a really good cat to have.  I might have to abduct you.

Just make sure you feed me the best food and send me to beauty salon once a week... then, I might drag my lazy butt to entertain you every now and then... :P

Whatever you desire, my pussy.... cat :P

agreed, cats are needy and selfish.  they just sleep and eat and sometimes come up and pet themselves on peoples legs by meowing and rubbing their bodies which makes them annoying.  They aren't smart, they make the house smell bad and when a girl gets 3 or more she is an old maid no matter how old she is :P  You don't seem like a cat mint.

Mike, you should show some respect to cats.

Maybe you forget what day is today.  Allow me to remind you - today is Friday the 13th.

If you are disrespectful to our cat family, before you realize it, our Goddess Bastet will make sure you receive the punishment that you well deserve.  :P

why would i respect a goddess witch?  I don't want to be having a spell cast upon me, but I can't pretend to respect a selfrightous witch cat goddess when she is threatening me.  She would see how hollow my signs of respect would be.  Don't damn with with your whitchery you evil cat...  see this is exactly why cats suck.

Kitties are cool though

dogs.  dogs are better than people

But cats are better than dogs, this belows proves it:

You're truly a visual person. I like the pix. :)


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