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Last weekend, i was having fun with friends in Lola, there is an italian guy touched my bottom, but he is one of the friends' friend, i don't want to embarrass my friends and myself, so i quietly push away him. Is there any better way to deal with it?

hopefully you guys can share some of your experience, welcome :)

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the most clever way would be touch his.

This is funny, i think i will try...Lol

use your hign heel walk on his foot to make him feel pain, then walk away

Thanks sweetie, i dont have high heel Wuu...

to avoid guys bully you, better to stay away from those kind of places

what are you expecting in some place where people are looking for fun??????


Great, this probably could be the best suggestion that i ever heard, stay away...

What do you mean expecting? Can i just have fun in a fun place??????- -!

Just give him a dirty look--like you were disgusted by what he did.  He should get the hint to not do that again.  And if he does, then feel free to yell something like, "What are you doing?!  Pervert!"  Or, worst case scenario--you slap him. :P


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