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I'm finally on the edge of doing the big jump...learning Chinese language!. I want to learn it quick and spend most of my time on that challenge. In other words being focus and devoted to it. I believe that's the only way to learn it after several small attempt!.

So, I'm hoping you guys can help me with the  followings questions : (I'm considering having private lesson, 1 to 1. I know I can go to some private school so I can check their website.).


1. My level is "almost" beginner but after 3 years in China I guess my listening is ok. So it should speed up the process of learning.

How long do you think it should take 1-2-3 months?.My objective is to have a level good enough for working in Chinese company.

What would be the perfect schedule for the teaching lesson and also revising your lesson?

I mean how many hours per day? 2+2 (teaching+revising) - 4+4. Should it be everyday?


Yeah... I guess the answer all depend on how good and fast would I be at learning it;-)! But anyway, I'm interested in knowing your own experience. So, shoot!. Thx.


2. How much should I pay? I consider that the teacher is a "real teacher" or at least he has the right methodology to help me learning easily and quickly Chinese.


3. What would be your advises for finding and recruiting that person?.


4. For the one who have been to private school what would be your feedback afterward? Would you do it again or you will try to find a private teacher?.

If you think private school is more efficient which shanghai school would you advise me to pick?.


5. If you know anyone (teacher I mean) interested by that job, please let me know.


I thank you in advance for sharing your info and insight.


All the best!



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Ok, I have a BA in chinese language. So I cannot really tell you what to do as I have academic education, but I can suggest you what NOT to do.

  • avoid basing yourself on books only. Seriously, talk to people as much as you can. Buy some DVDs and try to listen and read the subtitles (first time in english, then in Chinese).
  • don't think that you can learn chinese without being able to write chinese !
  • don't think you can achieve a 100% perfect chinese pronunciation. You are a foreigner, live with it. When I got my scholarship from Fudan 6+ years ago I had to take a written and oral chinese test (way harder than the stupid HSK). Result : 92%  standard pronunciation correct. Real life result ? I had to start changing my pronunciation as soon as I moved to other cities for work. After 3 and half years in Guangdong (beautiful, beautiful place & people) my pronunciation is 25% standard if I am lucky, still people can understand me always and I seldomly have to repeat the same sentence twice;
  • focus first on an area of your interest to learn easily words you use the most first;
  • you may consider this a joke but : child books help. Instead of paying a 100 RMB/hour teacher, get some 20RMB/piece child books, start reading them and learn the characters and their meaning;
  • doubt of any explanation of a chinese word meaning given by a foreigner or from a book written by a foreigner;
  • when you learn a new character, jump to the dictionary to see which words can be composed using that character. You'll enlarge your words pool pretty easily and fastly if you really put some dedication into this;
  • conversation, conversation, conversation;
  • Chinese pod is useful to learn a bit about fluency, not useful for learning new words really;
  • honestly : u got a chinese gf and you don't speak chinese to her ? It's like being the husband of Jenna Jameson and not knowing how to fuck !
  • treasure your errors;
  • I used simple tricks such as post its to remember words : I used to stick them all around the house to have a look at what is the chinese word for the objects I used the most and progressively moving to other objects.  At one point I had 冰箱后部风扇保护网 ! For how wrong this was it helped me remember words;
  • try to read newspapers. I used to read 青年报 and 人民日报, now I read financial times in Chinese;
  • a good idea would be learning the ingredients for food, so keep an eye on restaurant menus;
  • keep in mind that 知足长乐 applies to everything but languages

child books :)  same way as when i learned japanese.

HI! Instead of a semester in University, I'll suggest a course in a school, first of all you will have a private teacher all for you, you are better followed and then you are not forced to have class every day. I tried bot, University adn private school, and the latter is WAY better. In Shanghai a good school is Shanghai Chinese Now.

i work in one chinese language school Happy Mandarin, just next to jinan temple....we provied one to one class.....and if you are interested you can come to our school i can tell you more details....

I can teach you for free, but for return you teach me English. If it is Ok for you please contact me via

you are kind to teach someone for free.  use my place for free then.  to support more good hearted people.

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a good experienced teacher will not accept the price like 50 rmb/h to do a teach class."teach" is different from "tutor".ayi are payed 25rmb/h,you can talk to your ayi. if you want a good teacher pay her well,if you want pratice just go out talk to people,and move to chinese living areas are real helpful.


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