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So many female friends around me are blahing blahing "I want to find a good boyfriend". 


What do you mean by "good friend"?


1. Rich and generous to spend money on you?

2. No rich but still generous to sepend money on you?

3. Rich, but only support you emotionally?

4 Not rich and only be able to support you emotionally?




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One of the best burger chain is "In-N-Out."

So far, they only have stores in 5 states, but they are thinking about develop its market in Shanghai and HongKong.

@mint this is the second time u mentioned about In-N-Out burger,Can u describe how good the burger is ! U are a good relationship writer how about the food ?

George, my wikiman, here you go…

By far, In-N-Out is the most famous burger chain in California… their style is very classic which makes all the meat patties on site and there is only 1 type of meat patty, so the menu is super simple as well : 1) single, 2) double, 3) cheese burger, or 4) double cheese burger.

They used to let people order as many patties as they want to put into one set of burger, so I’ve seen pix that there are burgers built with 20+ patties in between… I don’t think they’re doing that anymore…

In-N-Out was found in CA, but quite a low-key privately owned company, they have developed their market into 5 states so far (CA, AZ, NV, UT, TX), and last December, they held promotion events in both Shanghai and Hong Kong… but the funny thing is, both of the event only lasted half day long, what’s the point? Maybe that’s when CD saw it… but no, besides the 5 states in the states, they don’t have stores anywhere else.

There is an In-N-Out right next to LAX airport, always filled up by tourists… however, In-N-Out at other locations are always packed as well, by local people.


(1) In-N-Out

(2) Stupidly long burger…



good ad!

havenot had burger topic for long time,last time was 2011 spring,a funny vedio,of fake Williams and Kate Milton in burger king.

i think i would have 4 pattie enough to be full!

I would like to add my 4 C. It's comprise, creative, communication, and caring

clever 4 C.

eventually I found standard standards of a good boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife in people park last sunday......


it is a shanghai staff meeting, and it is for biz - marriage fair. 


even if u define he will not be stable .. no use ..just go for it and bear it and experience it ..

God why is it always about money ... 


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