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for different people (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) with different budget (RMB 0-100/100-200/200-300) for different occasions (Christmas, new year, birthday, leaving, etc.), please recommand!

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Hey Panda, interesting topic.  Do you think you could narrow it down to a few categories?  Would make it easier to answer.

keep it as open as possible, so that I hope people will bring up some creative ideas

start with what comes to your mind firstly

I invite friends or family to a nice meal of gourmet food (price:300+ for me and the friend) and take photos of that gather-together.=D

Yes, that way is very good.  Which restaurants first come to mind for a celebration dinner? 

is there any special places recommended ?

Kid's birthday: They get a hired clown 200 RMB

Wedding anniversary: She gets flowers (and a big smooch) 300 RMB

Colleagues' promotion: They get cake to the face 150 RMB

Loving every moment of it:  Priceless


Mastercard should really pay me for these ideas... :P lol

Colleagues' promostion: the winner will treat the rest of people in the office a nice meal, or at least afternoon tea cake. 


for taking mama to hv massage

as xmas gift


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