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I use utorrent to get most of my music, but I'm having trouble trying to find Chinese songs.  I mostly want popular Chinese songs so that I can memorize them to better my oral Chinese.  Most artists like Jay Chou and Andy Lau etc.

People know of any good sites to try (that don't require a VPN)?  Thanks in advance.

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Lelong is right about using baidu and also you can try QQ music which contains not only chinese but all the songs in the world!Usually I try using QQ to find the song and you can repeat them (so you can listen the song repeatly!) It will be reserved on your QQ music so whenever you open your QQ music then you have your songs!So after that looking for the verse if there isnt then you have to baidu it for the verse.I am learning japanese songs.This how i do it!

Thanks for the input, fellas.  Will try to get them off Baidu.  Except, will I be able to download the files and load them onto my itunes?  I'm trying to get these things on my ipod nano :P haha

Haha. Nice pic ;)

Good to know!  Thanks!


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