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Anyone know where I can get some cheap floor lamps in shanghai? Cheers.

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whats your budget for cheap? you can try on Ikea.

You can go to shanghai Lamps Market ! Such as:  Shanghai Gansu road lighting market. Address: No.118, gansu Road etc. Wish you good luck!


That's great. Thx Eva. What part of Shanghai? Any metro lines nearby?
Thx, Mrs. X.

Are you looking at solar lamps? 


Is it for export? quantity?


Taobao is the answer for everything. :P
hi,,good to buy in  ikea, or buy in taobao

there's another market up north by Line 1 Wenshui Lu (文水路). 灯具市场 i think.


some cheap lamps and lots of gaudy animal statues too. 有意思...

You can go to No 135 Liu Ying Road(Chinese is 闸北区柳营路135号近北宝兴路).  This is the biggest and cheapest lights mall in Shanghai.  You must  bargain with them at least 20% off.


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and Haoshijia , Jiuxing, etc.


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