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Hey, guys! Anybody can help me to improve my English business writing. It's very important to me on my work. SMS me if you are intersted in this. 

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It sounds like you are looking for a charity worker. Good luck dude

Haha.  Yea--pro bono.  Good luck indeed.

Your best bet is to look online for professional writing courses.  If you can't afford some of them (but my guess is that they're relatively inexpensive) then I'd look for books online that could help you.  Nowadays you can download ebooks for almost everything.  And the best part of downloading ebooks is that it's free. ;) Cheers

Good afternoon  Mr. Hu,

your given name is Stanley, are you from wall street? I'd like to introduce you a new product of my company, to see if we have future cooperation. As you know the fund interest of my company is not bad last year, this year we will continue.....blabla

where there is a will there is a way.

good day!

Johnthan Lee

Fund Consultant

my version, very chinese

I also hope to improve the business writing.

there is no free lunch, that's what I have learned


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