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Since I break my foot, I cannot wear high heels recently,and  these days, I go over watching sex and city again, this time I noticed every pair of high heels are just sexy and makes me sooo desirous of them....Forbidden fruit is always sweeter.....

In order to feast my eyes....I go google search Christian Louboutin, jimmy choo, Dior,Manolo Blahnik.....

I am wondering, will you buy shoes only for collection(e.g.: the heels are too high for you)? How much you can afford?


For sure, original is too expensive, will you buy copy??


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I can't live without high heels!!! :)
I prefer heels up to 10 cm and to dance all night long instead of dying in the middle of the night from aches because of inconvenient shoes.
Actually.........when it's dark in a club and you dance well nobody pays attention to your shoes.....small secret:);) so what's the reason of suffering????
it must be fun when you go hiking or bike riding

"So screw those men who laugh at high heels"

isn't that what you want to achieve while wearing the heels?
What I mean by in a selfish point of view is that..
NOT ALL GIRLS ( "We girls never go hiking or bike riding" -quoted by you)

selfish: (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure

as simple as it is :)
Is it age-101 again??

nom.. nom..nom ..
moderately :) nt always. seeing the situation.. place.. where.. who.. what to do.. watsoever.
I am so sure it's my photos on the display, and I am sure nt a man, wise yeah~ haha.
" best tip is to get Comfortable on watever u are wearing. don't force yourself. "
why the pic reminds me of 'alice in wonderland', altho i yet to see the movie..

hey guys! High and low heel fashionable shoes on sale between 120-300rmb
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Hey, I see you are a pretty good marketing guy.

Are you open for opportunity? :P

You tried your best but too many spelling errors in there.

You go over where watching sex and the city?

You go google search?

Since you broke your foot? Or do you like breaking your feet all the time?....

So in the words of UK Dragons Dens' Duncan Ballantyne.

I'm out..........
I checked out the date when this forum was posted, it says March 29...
Then I was like, wait, it's not March 29 yet.... and then I saw the YEAR when it was posted, it was posted 2 years ago...
Wow, how people keep digging out those old stuff? Amazing!

If I knew you back then, I probably would've fallen in love with you 2 years ealier... ;)


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