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The Annual Jinqiao Charity Run comes again
Here is this year's scheduel
8:00 Warm Up
8:30 Opening Ceremony
9:00 Fun Run
9:40 8K Run
9:50 Live Performance

Lucky Draw
Fancy Dress Competition
Cheerleading Competition
11:40 Awards Ceremony
12:00 Finish

2012new balance Jinqiao 8K will go ahead come rain or shine. The organizers reserve the final right of interpretation of the rules of the competition.

10% of all registration fees will be donated to the charity partner — Shanghai Roots and Shoots.

Two Best Costume Award:
Be creative! The top costume will get you a fabulous prize.

Lucky draw:
Fabulous prizes from the race sponsors will be drawn after the race, giving everyone the chance to walk home with a prize in hand!

One Best Cheerleading Award:
Through innovation from team work, you can organize a featured and unique cheerleading squad to cheer on the runners and compete for the best cheerleading award

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And wear somthing sexy and fun!! Btw I need to borrow some outfit . Probably a leopard.haha!

wow, sexy! or if u cannot borrow, just wear 3 leaves,cool !

Come on.jennifer,you must got something better? Where is the cat women outfit I saw last time?Oh and the bunny one? 3 leaves is just too much cover!

Dann it you lazy women I am working on saturday!

I wanted to do this but I have to work unfortunately :(  Good luck on your run!

Working on sunday?

John must work in church as priest ha ha.   my training class priest is so strict, but he is so knowlegeable, i adore him.

Join is everything but a priest!

Lol, you're damn right about that! :D

I work at a private school, therefore I work weekends :(  Oh well, I hope you have a good run!  I wanted to do this so bad.  I did the 8k Nike Lunar run in January and that was a fun run.  Are you going to try to run it in a certain amount of time?

John,I can only do the fun run.You know,with a bunch of people wearing funny outfit.Then give myself a good brunch!

I saw the poster  when I was in Green City this morning,looks interesting. are u gonna attend it Maggita?

Sissel,yes I will be attending. Exercise for charity! Hope to see you there!

U already signed up?have u been there last year? And can I just pop in without any reservation?XD


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