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!!Woman in Shanghain can only burn money, especialy the Shanghai girls!!

Seem that wealth and status objects are the only thing what can make Shanghai women happy. To have LV bag for 20.000 RMB which has a production price of best case 1.000 RMB makes no sense. Seems burning money is for Shanghai women the only way of expression. As more the hubby or BF is bleeding as better they feel. Not only are the second worse...50 in cabinet ..20 unused...and still one in the bag.....Let me know your opinions Boy's....Men..and sure Girls respectively women too. Let's see if can get a lively discussion on this one since nothing exciting is on the board.

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Hahaha thanks for you support
You gals can leave Max alone as you like, and Max is certainly a little biased against Shanghainese, but may he doesn't simply want to make a display, may those 'shallow' girls he encountered can't represent the real image of Shanghai gals.You can't deny there are many low-taste ones in shanghai, they may not be native Shanghainese, but they are shallow and living here.
Max, you can blame the shanghai's living conditions, etc, like how hard to buy a house or even make a living, or their growing environments. They just can't help it. You may also notice that more non-shanghainese gals become more shallow and materialistic after coming to shanghai and tend to pursue more superficial things rather than innocence of mind.
It's certainly not a good sign.
As mentioned above, it is obvious that we are not supposed to be single-faceted in determining which is better or which is wrong. Everyone has own right to chose what they like even a 20,000RMB LV bag since that will make her happy, So why not? that's their life. If they can get it from those stupid men who care about her, It won't hurt to let her have her own way. No body has right to change the way of other people. Go your own way.Let otherstake taxi.
I am a resident in Shanghai for over 10 years. Well involved of all levels of the society. I honestly think that i have enough experience to have a opinion of my own on that. To my best knowledge are the out of town once even the better once in character. Of course the foreigners living in Shanghai, especially the one who only live here shot term like 1- 3 years have a major responsibility on this situation.
As i say above,.,....i am here more as many who call them self shanghainese......and i have meet certain of all levels. I am very well balanced. Thanks you anyhow
think everyone has his own taste~~~a lot of things' value is not defined by money....
Sounds good. I agree, the best things in live do not depend on money...but if your read through the discussion you can very clearly see that you are mostly alone with your opinion
Agree! look at your profile and pretty much know what type of women you get to know...
My page is close and private because i am tired about this personal assaults, no links, no pic, nothing .
Have a good time
PS: Just jump over the fence if you can, just delete the discussion as you stated, at least anybody know then who is the one who don't has any culture of discussion.
Bring up something which sparks a lively discussion and don;t complain about running once.
Actually Max I have to disagree, there is the world of difference between a lively discussion and what could very easily be interpreted as stereotyping to the verge of discrimination and attempting to incite a war of words. You complain of being tired of personal attacks when your whole topic is actually very personal for a large part of Shanghai Stuff's demographic, and it is a fairly natural reaction for people to fight back when attacked, even if some of it is slightly mis-directed.
Max, I'd agree with you in the sense that people living in a big and expensive city do become a bit more materialistic. Replace Shanghai with New York, San Francisco, or Hong Kong and the topic still works. Replace "girls" with "guys" and it works just as well.
I don't think so...i have lived in HK, London, Frankfurt, Singapore
It's not like here, believe me. The biggest difference is that in all that city is a kind tolerance which is especial in shanghai total missing. If you have any doubts about that, step out on the road and try to cross the road.
Close your eyes while you do that on a green traffic light. I can promise you that you will make it in all cities named above to the other careful and don't do that in shanghai. You will never make it to the other side, so much to tolerance, understanding of other thinkings, different opinions. Read through the discussion and see all the personal assaults.


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